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Subtle Speaks

We are pleased to present Subtle Speaks, on view from 19-28 September 2020 at the Textile Arts Center Brooklyn.

Subtle Speaks features the works by the artists who participated in the 11th cycle of the Textile Arts Center’s Artist in Residence program. Throughout their nine-month residency, these artists enacted methods of care as a shared language of survival and community-building. 

Care is the lens for reclaiming collective power within history, relationships, and language. How do we build a sustainable practice of care? How do we intentionally embody respect and empathy for ourselves and others? Slowing down to focus on meditative textile processes have allowed the artists to ponder the effectiveness of discretion and quietness as tools for resistance. 

As these questions have become especially necessary amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, it is crucial to consider them to uproot histories of violence and inequity. While each work proposes a response that is specific to the artists’ lived experience, when viewed together, it invites us to imagine new expressions of care that reframe the past, this present, and our envisioned futures.

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