Field Trips for lower, middle & high schools are designed with the visiting teacher's classroom curriculum in mind. If you would like to focus on a specific time or culture please just let us know and we will include interesting and relevant textile facts in the introduction and demonstration.

The visit starts with a short introduction to the Textile Arts Center and the day's activity, providing context for the hands on activity. The introduction is followed by a demonstration of materials and proper use of equipment. The rest of the time, about 45 minutes, is spent hands-on, exploring the art of weaving and/or indigo dyeing.

Activities We Offer

Students will learn about weaving history, equipment and practice, starting with a demonstration of how to use a simple table loom and how to wind bobbins for weaving. They will then break up into pairs or small groups and experiment weaving on their own. At the end of the hour, the instructor will cut the weavings off the looms and show students how to finish them.
Indigo Dyeing
This lesson focuses on the Indigo, a mysterious dye that has been documented since the 4th century B.C. This visit opens students' eyes to the natural bounty around them and the need to protect it. Students will learn about the history and science behind the indigo dyeing process; and they will experiment with a few shibori techniques to create patterns on the cloth samples.

Field Trip Details

1 hour / 1 activity
2 hours / 2 activities
*We offer discounted rates for Title 1 Schools: $140 (1 hour / 1 activity) and $252 (2 hours/ 2 activities). Weaving groups over 12 students will be on shared looms. Requests for individual looms (up to 20 students BK) will require an additional $75 payment.
Brooklyn Studio
Up to 20 students
If your class/group has more than 20 students, we charge an additional $10 per student for every hour.
Available Hours
Tuesday or Thursday
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What people say about our Field Trips:

“Our family is somewhat gender-nonconforming and [TAC Summer Camp] was a welcoming environment. That made me much more comfortable sending our kids!” —Katherine
“I just wanted to say thank you for everything you are all doing. I am so impressed with how Danielle is teaching my daughter's class and how you are all finding ways to make class so special.” —Jana
"I’m always excited to see what will come home next! Besides the outstanding curriculum, the teachers are wonderfully warm, supportive, patient, and knowledgable. There’s room for all skill levels."

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