At Textile Arts Center we strive to provide empowerment through knowledge, and create a collaborative and inspiring experience. This philosophy is at the heart of our Youth Programs. Here, we appreciate the unique values of textile arts and want to expand opportunities for new practitioners to engage with the medium. Experiential learning is the foundation of our model and enables students of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels to make meaningful contributions to a growing community of fiber artists.

Programs We Offer

What people say about our Youth Programs:

“Another fantastic summer at TAC camp! Projects are compelling and staff is engaged and fun. Field trips are well planned and projects shift each week so multiple-week attendance is not a problem.”
“This is the first summer camp [my daughter] has not complained about going to. She came home with so much excitement about the things she created and amazing projects.” —Hannah
“My kids loved the complexity of the crafts and being able to focus on a particular method. The counselors were caring and energetic and the camp head, Lisa, really went the extra mile.”
“The projects are age-appropriate, but sophisticated and challenging. The counselors are attentive and adored. TAC runs a very tight and organized ship!”

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