Studio access is a crucial part of our mission at the Textile Arts Center. Open Studio in our Brooklyn studio provides access to a variety of textile arts materials, equipment, and general-use space to spread out and work on independent projects.

Please note: Open Studio is not available at our Manhattan location.

Accessing Open Studio

For Current Students

Open Use

Open Studio use comes free with all 4-week and Weekend Intensive classes for the duration of the course and for one week following the end of class. Sign up here for the times you want to use the studio outside of class.

$0 (Free)

For Everyone Else

Hourly Use

Drop-in and work on a project by the hour. Sign up here, and pay at the end of your day in the studio.

$18/hour (or free with monthly loom rental)

Studio Pass

A Studio Pass is a great way to have access to our Open Studio time and facilities during a concentrated period of time to work on independent projects. Please note: Use of floor looms is not included in a Studio Pass (see “Loom Rentals” below)

Starting at $35/day

Open Studio Details

How to Use
Loom Rentals
Storage Rentals

Whether you’re a student, utilizing studio pass, or you’ve rented a loom, you must sign-up for Open Studio hours by signing up for a timeslot. You won’t be charged for the registration—it’s simply to let us know you’re coming and reserve you a spot.

If you are paying on an hourly basis, you will register here and then pay for the total hours you use at the end of your day in the studio.

When you arrive for Open Studio, check in at the front desk.

If you have any questions about materials and/or equipment, ask the Studio Monitor.

You are responsible for clean-up after yourself, and will be asked to begin clean up 20 minutes prior to the end of Open Studio hours.

There is a studio monitor or staff person on duty during every Open Studio session to help you sign in and answer general questions, however you are expected to have a working knowledge of the equipment and procedures you are using. If there is a new skill you would like to learn, consider taking one of our classes!

TAC is a community-use studio. When using the studio, please remember to label your equipment with your name and date of use. You are responsible for cleaning up the equipment that you use during Open Studio. Please plan your projects with enough time to wash off your tools and put them away before you leave.

Open Studio hours change from week to week, so please check our calendar for the dates and times of upcoming Open Studio timeslots.

Upcoming All-Day Open Studio Sessions:

Sunday, 2/16:
11:00am – 9:00pm

Saturday, 2/29:
11:00am – 9:00pm

Sunday, 3/1:
11:00am – 9:00pm

Saturday, 3/28:
11:00am – 9:00pm

Sunday, 3/29:
11:00am – 9:00pm

Thursday, 4/2:
11:00am – 9:30pm

Specialty and class-specific materials are not included in Open Studio access unless a student is currently registered in that course. These materials include but are not limited to: indigo, natural dyes, marbling size and paint, tin fix for silk painting, warp yarns, wool top or fleece, book arts papers, leather hides and leather hardware, block printing rubber, and embroidery thread. These items are not available for purchase.

Materials we do offer for purchase:

Unbleached muslin:

Mercerized cotton:

Cotton duck:

Silk habotai:

Pattern paper:

Translucent bond for screen printing:

Most of the equipment featured in our Studio Facilities section are available during Open Studio, however any single user equipment requires a prior reservation for use during Open Studio. These items are designated with a “*” in the Tools & Equipment section.

Please contact us to reserve any of these items during Open Studio:

The Textile Arts Center is equipped with:

Schacht Wolf Pup looms
4 harnesses, 18″ weaving width

Schacht Baby Wolf looms
4 and 8 harnesses, 26″ weaving width

Macomber looms
16 harnesses, 30″ and 40″ weaving widths

AVL Dobby loom
24 harnesses, 60″ weaving width

Loom rental is limited and subject to availability and reserved for experienced weavers. While there is a studio monitor or staff person on duty during every Open Studio session, all weavers will be expected to have a working knowledge of equipment and techniques, including winding warp and dressing the loom.

If you’d like a refresher or a chance to expand your skills, please consider taking one of our classes!


The cost to rent a loom is $350 per month.

This includes use of the loom, weaving equipment, and in-house materials as well as access to the studio during Open Studio hours for the duration of the rental.

We have different storage options available for rental, to allow Open Studio users to keep their materials, equipment and projects at TAC.

Cubby sizes and rates:

3 cubic ft (14” x 18” x 22”)
$10/week, $35/month

7 cubic ft (32” x 18” x 22”)
$20/week, $70/month

14 cubic ft (32”x 18” x 44”)
$40/week, $120/month