We offer private Group Classes as an opportunity to foster hands-on textile understanding and experimentation. These classes can be catered to a more in depth textile experience for design teams and professionals working in the industry and looking to incorporate new techniques into their work. Or they can also be a great team building experience for those not familiar with textile work.

Examples of classes offered include tapestry weaving, indigo dyeing, marbling on fabric, natural dyeing, screenprinting and more.

Group Class Details

Up to 8 people
Up to 16 people
Each additional person over 16
Brooklyn Studio
3 hours / 1 activity
Available Hours
* We are unable to take any Group Class bookings until 2023
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What people say about our Group Classes:

“Developing connections and learning from the people at TAC has been the most vital part of my progress. I am so grateful that a beautiful place like this exists in my world.”—Sam
“In providing a space for textiles learning and exploration, TAC is fostering a passionate community of artists who can share not just skills and techniques, but strengths and dreams as well.” —Ying

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