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Our Artist Programs offer different opportunities for artists and designers to learn, develop, and promote their work within a supportive community and access to textile arts equipment.

Artist in Residence

Textile Arts Center's Artist in Residence (TAC AIR) program equips artists and designers with resources and skills to better develop and articulate their artistic practices. Through TAC AIR, residents are able to advance their work, actively pursue their career ambitions, foster connections within the textile art community and share their knowledge outside of the studio walls.

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Work in Progress

Textile Arts Center's Work in Progress (TAC WIP) is a window into the studio practice of contemporary artists and designers that engages the public in a dialogue with the field of textiles.

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Rentals for Artists

Studio Space Rental
Perfect for designers and textile artists who need greater access to specialized textile equipment, TAC Studio Membership includes individual studio space in addition to access to TAC’s Brooklyn facilities and community.
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Project Space Gallery
As part of Textile Arts Center’s Brooklyn recent expansion, our new 500 sq foot TAC Project Space is available for hourly, daily, weekly and monthly rental.
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