Work in Progress (WIP) is a window into the studio practice of contemporary artists and designers that engages the public in a dialogue with the field of textiles.


Visit WIP in the Textile Arts Center Manhattan studio during open hours. Artist hours every Saturday, from 2-6PM.







Kayla Thompson (February 2020)




Timothy Westbrook (March 2020)

Saheed Lawal (April 2020)

Emily Oliveira (May 2020)

Donna Cleary (June 2020)

Alyssa Carter (July 2020)







The Work In Progress residency is an opportunity for textile artists and designers to engage in a dialogue with the public, while providing an inside look into an artist’s studio and practice. WIP residents have access to a studio in TAC Manhattan’s store-front window for one month and (re)create an active studio of their work. We encourage artists to use the space as a working studio, displaying tools, materials and their artwork in various stages of progress.  WIP residents will maintain “Open Studio Hours”  where they can interact with the community and discuss their processes and techniques. The artist will also leave behind a clear visual narrative so the public can get a glimpse of “work in progress” even when the artist isn’t present. This is an ideal program for artists looking for an opportunity to display and promote their work, and who are excited about speaking about their creative process to the public. 


WIP Residency Details:


x WIP studio is roughly 10 x 5 feet and is equipped with a table, chair, pin board wall + shelving. Artists have the potential to be provided with equipment depending on availability, but all artists will be expected to bring their own materials outside of normal studio equipment. 

x Selected artist will commit to at least one weekly shift of public hours (Saturdays 2-6PM). Artists are encouraged to keep other hours at WIP for more opportunities to engage the public.

x Selected artist will commit to host one free workshop/lecture/performance open to to the public.




x Access to a semi-private Studio Space in TAC Manhattan

x Access to Open Studio in TAC Brooklyn

x WIP residents will be featured and promoted on the TAC social media, including blog, Instagram, and Facebook

x 10% discount off TAC Classes





Work in Progress cycles start on the first of every month and run for the full month. Selected artist will be notified at least 60 days before the beginning of their cycle. Install must take place between the 1-3 and deinstall must take place on the 28-31.





March 2020 - July 2020 Sessions

** Applications for Work In Progress residency sessions from March to July 2020 are now CLOSED **

Final Selections: December 2019



September 2020 - February 2021 Sessions


Applications open: April 13 - May 18, 2020

Final Selections: June 2020


x Applicantions must submited electronically. Application form includes artist statement, detailed proposal for the time at WIP and 5 images of recent artwork.