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Textile Arts Center equips emerging artists and designers with the skills they need to articulate their practices and contribute to their communities. TAC offers a rigorous Artists in Residence (AIR) program combining interdisciplinary learning with a deep focus on technical and professional development. We believe that an artist is best able to advocate for her work and maximize her creative value when she understands her business, how to scale services, and operate self-sufficiently. The AIR program empowers participants to actively manage their own careers.  


We view our residents as ambassadors helping to connect a wider audience with the process of making. Residents take their skills into the world.  They partner with childhood education programs within the greater Brooklyn and Manhattan area to teach new generations about the creative potential of textile arts.  AIR residents give lectures, volunteer, and design products. They learn from one another at the AIR studio in order to share their future with others.  Their outreach and concerted artistic development culminates in a group exhibition hosted by TAC, which showcases and promotes residents’ work at both a regional and national level through additional catalogue materials.  


The Artists in Residence at TAC is one of the nation’s leading emerging artists programs.  Since 2010, AIR has graduated over twenty five practitioners whose work is now galvanizing the fashion, fine arts, and design industries.  Our alumni are involved in a broad range of arts activities, including arts education, women’s international development, social activism, fashion and tech entrepreneurship, fine arts, regional makers movements and local community development initiatives.




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Visitors at the opening reception for FRAY, the AIR Cycle 7 Final Exhibition.