March's Work In Progress Resident



Kendall Schauder is an artist based in Chicago and her current work explores her own learning abilities. After being diagnosed at age eight with dyslexia, learning in the school system grew continuously more difficult, forcing her natural curiosity to find new forms of stimulation. Kendall’s art practice became a place where she could focus on this type of exploration. She began to understand that standardization in education was the main reason she had such a difficult time doing well. Consequently, she now draws inspiration from textile production by questioning standardization and mass production. For Kendall, textiles are a language; one that can be read through observation and deconstruction, as well as written and questioned through creation.  




Kendall’s work in progress, How to Grow Denim, focuses on the variables involved in the process of taking raw fibers and forming them into a textile. The long-term goal for this project is to create a 40 yard bolt of denim. The project began after Kendall acquired a handful of indigo seedlings from a natural dye course and she spent two years collecting seeds in the fall and replanting in the spring. Then in 2017, Hurricane Harvey hit Kendall’s hometown of Houston, Texas. The cotton gins in the area were severely damaged, leaving many tons of cotton unsalvageable for industrial production. After reaching out to the Bayside Richardson Co-op Gin, Kendall collected a truck load of raw cotton which she is now using to create her bolt of denim. During her time at the WIP residency, Kendall will be cleaning and spinning the cotton to create the yarn needed for this project. After the yarn will then be dyed with the indigo she has grown and ultimately woven into the bolt of fabric.





Kendall graduated from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2017 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Since graduating she has been working as a production assistant at The Weaving Mill, a small-scale industrial mill on the westside of Chicago. Through a partnership with Envision Unlimited, Kendall also conducts weaving classes for adults with special needs, teaching the order of operations for weaving on four-harness floor looms.



You can visit Kendall's installation for Work In Progress from March 1-31, at TAC Manhattan studio, and learn more about her work and process during Artist Open Hours, on Saturdays 2-5PM.