Workshop with Romina Chuls

Saturday, December 8 






QuĂ© rico menstruo is a project and artistic movement that seeks to eradicate the stigma that menstruation carries, started by Romina Chuls. It not only demands its normalization but, also, its resignification. Through personal representation, on the part of each one of us, there is a reappropriation of our uterus, of our blood flow. As part of the project, Romina prompts interventions on pieces of clothing, focusing on the groin area, with materials of various shades of red, simulating a menstruation blood stain.



In this workshop, participants will be asked to redefine their menstruation cycle and flow and represent it using embroidery techniques on pieces of clothing*. Participants will learn different embroidery stitches and other textile techniques to better represent their vision.


Romina Chulz is a feminist artist and artesan from Peru, currently part of the Artists in Residence Cycle 10. Learn more about her work here



*Each participant must bring a garment that they want to intervene at the workshop.