June's Work In Progress Resident



Emma Hasselblad is a textile artist and designer mostly working with knitting, based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Her work has been published in Harper's Bazaar Japan, Nylon Magazine, Vogue Italia etc. and it has been showed and exhibited at Mercedes-Benz Fashion week in Beijing, Fashion Clash Festival in Maastricht, Borås Textil Museum among other places. Emma is currently completing her master studies in craft and textile art at HDK, Academy of Design and Crafts, in Gottenburg, Sweden.



"I am knitting stitches, row after row, the knitting needles are moving 
just like the angle of my hand. 
Through the yarn, the colour and the shapes I am telling stories, 
like the one about a Dreamworld (my knitwear collection from 2015),    
which takes place in a girls room and it is about  the symbols that lives    
in there.    
I dress the body with round, bulky sculptural shapes, 
I am highlighting the breasts, the female body is important in my work.
I make knitted portraits of women,    
they can dress your wall like posters in a teenage room.    
The knitted pieces have a colourful appearance.
Pink, glitter and pastel colours are often present,    
the princess aesthetic is following me.    
To me, a princess is an example of reality escape, an opportunity to enter your    
own world, to feel nice and dream away.    
That also explains the state I am in while knitting.
I explore the low status history and the practical repetitive tradition that    
knitting comes with. I want that image to evaporate, 
and then re-emerge as the great heritage that I think it is.    
Most of my materials are recycled, 
I buy my yarn second hand so my work is depending of what I find,
it is an intuitive process -I treasure intuition."





You can visit Emma's installation for Work In Progress from June 1 - 30, at TAC Manhattan studio, and learn more about her work and process during Artist Open Hours, on Saturdays 2-5PM.