April's Work In Progress Resident


Zaida Adriana Goveo Balmaseda is an artist/meditator/artisan interested in the alchemical quality of handicrafts, the versatility of fiber, and the stories that they tell us. Through these, she studies, represents, and honors the symbiotic relationship we can have with our materials, what we create, what we eat, ourselves, and our environment. Her exploration is often rooted in traditional artisanal techniques to which she has a cultural or familial connection; and it develops through experiments with organic, recycled or gathered fibers, the rituals and movements of conscious and meditative creation, and our perception-of and relationship-to time.


Highlighting the magic of the process, the journey, the energy invested in transforming humble matter into rich textile topographies. Zaida Adriana’s practice is intense (internally and externally), manual, and slow. Her installations serve as sacred spaces where soft sculpture, material rescue, cultural research, audiovisual documentation, meditation, contemplative movement, and performance converge.



During the WiP residency Zaida Adriana will be focusing on studying the dynamics between internal states of being and external manifestations. Working-with and inspired-by the technique of SoI Lace, her practice will have repeating rounds of meditation, movement/stretching/body awareness, breathing, and creating/crafting. A time to make/hold space to go slow, be vulnerable, mindful, and present with ourselves alone and together.


Zaida Adriana Goveo Balmaseda holds a BFA in Knitwear from FIT (New York & Italy). She is an alum of TAC’s AIR, and Beta Local’s La Práctica. As recipient of the Lexus Grant for Artists, she is currently exhibiting a large installation at the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico. Zaida Adriana lives/works between Barcelona (Spain) and her native Puerto Rico.




Introduction to Sol Lace

April 22nd, 11AM-5PM

TAC Manhattan



Learn how to make beautiful and intricate lace pieces through a simple and meditative technique called Sol Lace. LEARN MORE + REGISTER HERE


SOLEANDO JUNTXS //  Collective Sol Weaving: A Participatory Perfomance/Ritual

Saturday, April 28, 5-8PM

TAC Manhattan (26 W 8th Street)


The idea for this performance/ritual is to communally embody the process of Sol lace making. A space/time to practice using our whole selves as instruments for cultivating presence inside and outside. Visitors can participate as anchors or rays of the Sol (Sun), or as witnesses/space-energy holders for those of us working in the circle. LEARN MORE + RSVP



You can visit Zaida Adriana's installation for Work In Progress from April 2 - 30, at TAC Manhattan studio, and learn more about her work and process during Artist Open Hours, on Saturdays 2-5PM.