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Cristina Wright, “I See You In Me”

'I See You In Me' Zine Release + Showcase by Cristina Wright

We take a look back to the end of last year when Cristina Wright celebrated the opening and zine release of "I see you in me".

About the exhibition:

‘I See You in Me’ is a personal reckoning and recollection of tradition in America. Through photos taken in the Carolinas, collages made from National Geographic magazines and postcards from the early 20th century, Wright revisits the small beauties of the American South and the nuances of race.

Wright’s upbringing in South Carolina offered a firsthand view of the lingering remnants of America’s challenging past, making it difficult to envision an attainable ‘American
Dream’. To Wright, this elusive dream is akin to a shifting mirage. This realization leads Wright to navigate a blend of imaginative moments and reality, attempting to discern which facets of American ideology hold authenticity.

These textiles have transformed into cherished artifacts. Occasional visits to her Aunt’s Tailor shop unveiled how these textiles were revered as precious mementos. They undergo a metamorphosis—pieces sewn together, meticulously cut, over-dyed, and reassembled, rewriting the fabric’s original purpose and narrative.


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