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Celebrating Quinceañerx

Hello Friends!  Kelly here! We can't wait for TAC’s 15th Anniversary Party and community exhibition; Celebrating Quinceañerx curated by Romina Schulz and Alejandra Mejía Torres

On Sunday, June 9th from 3-7pm, visit the open studios of WIP narkita and TAC Artist In Residence Cycle 15:Audrey CibelCarter ShocketHera FordJimmy ZhaoJulie ClaptonLovisa AxénShawna TangNana YaaSerwaah Akuoku. Spend time with artists Michelle Fleet and Faviola Lopez-Romani during live felting and weaving process performances. We’ll party with music, snacks, drinks, and textiles, in community. 🥳  All the makings of a good party include YOU in attendance!

RSVP: Textile Arts Center Open Studio and Quinceañerx

Celebrating Quinceañerx highlights the transition and significance of our 15 year milestone. It speaks to where we are now, embodying the energy of youth and the transition to maturity. Curators Romina Schulz and Alejandra Mejía Torres. introduced me to the phrase adolescentx desenfrenadx. Literally translating to UNBRIDLED ADOLESCENCE- hell yeah, that’s the energy we are bringing to 15!

Getting ready for #TACquinceañerx has me reminiscing about the parties in the early days.  I was 24 and so were my fellow founding team members and we were relentless.  After working 15+ hour days we would go out all night and do it again the next day. Our mantra was, 'we'll sleep when we're dead.'  We were always covered in bruises from removing everything (I mean everything) in the studio and shoving it into our back closet for frequent exhibition openings. It was a house of cards, a death trap situation, and the following day we would put it all back out and reset. I remember after one opening party dancing with yarn trees on wheels, twirling dizzy, drunk on $2 wine, so proud of what we had accomplished, and so happy it was over too. In the days before camera phones, these moments only exist in our memories, and it's one I treasure.  

When talking about TAC beginnings with folks, I will often quote the Dolly Parton song, In the Good Old Days (When Times Were Bad). It feels so fitting, everything was so hard, but these beautiful memories remain. With creaky joints and a broken back, I cannot tell you how excited I am to turn 15!  

TAC is all of us or it is nothing. When we say it is TAC’s Quinceañerx, we mean you. 

Feliz Cumpleaños Camaradx!

P.S. What are we WEARING y’all !?


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