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Way In / Way Out, TAC AIR 14 Final Exhibition

Textile Arts Center (TAC) is pleased to present “Way In / Way Out”, featuring works by Cycle 14 of Textile Arts Center’s Artist in Residence program, on view from 7-19 September 2023 at the Textile Arts Center (505 Carroll Street, Brooklyn New York 11215).  

Navigating intuitively, the artists of AIR14 create access points to pathways connecting collective consciousness. The series of works are connected by the desire to cross a portal, but as the fibers of an intricate weave they differentiate from each other highlighting each of the artist in residence perspectives and their way of imagining.

The artists draw from shared histories and unique experiences. Nature, ancestors, memory, personal archives, history, rituals, and mythology, are explored to imagine future possibilities and build alternate realities within our current landscape.  The cohort are storytellers, exploring concepts of emotion, beauty, chaos, value, and protection, with heart and humor. 

What does it mean to reflect from the portal? To stand at the entrance and look into the possibilities of being? To come out the other side transformed?

The Artists of TAC AIR14 - Cynthia Chang, Jasmine Murrell, Martina Cox, Kat Sours, Hekima Hapa, Madhura Nayak, M.E. Guadalupe Rubi, Paola De la Calle - invite you along the Way in / Way out.

Check out more information on our AIR program

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