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Three Walls

Three Walls was the culminating exhibition of the 9th cycle of the Artists in Residence (AIR), on view from 20-23 September 2018 at Gowanus Loft. Exploring concepts of beauty, language, function, value, and protection, the installation by Jamie Boyle, Rhonda Khalifeh, Junyu Li, Lily Moebes, Meghan O’Sullivan, Cory Siegler, Hannah Whelan, and Chang Yuchen was an immersive experience in fiber arts.

During the nine-month residency, the eight artists worked alone, together. Their studios comprised only 3 walls; the lack of a fourth wall necessitated that their practices be shared and that their work inspired and conversed with each other. Sculptural eyes seem to read hidden hand woven messages; a mutable quilt designed to be worn meets a large scale embroidered body, both crafted to protect; found images, layered and transformed, turn into paintings, while found materials are repurposed into sculptures; garments  research the dynamic relationship between maker/wearer and explore the complexities of function/value.

The  artists in Three Walls come from a range of creative backgrounds, and the collective body of work featured reflects this variety of experience. However there’s a sense of unity. An empathetic identification. In concept, form, and process, they are companions.