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Celebrating Quinceañerx

TAC is celebrating 15 years, quinceañerx style, with corronchada, huachafería, flashiness, pomposidad, flamboyance, glitter y como unx adolescente desenfrenadx.  We want to highlight the festivity's significance of transition while giving space for tradition to evolve beyond the gender binary, and redefining notions of masculinity and femininity. 

The series of selected artworks represents something beyond a traditional aesthetic of simplicity and whiteness, breaking away from a colonialist and racist norm of beauty, embracing the uniqueness of each piece, while in its collectivity create an atmosphere that recalls a colorful teenager spirit. Some works put us in a nostalgic mood of the years past, remembering our adolescence and the passionate years when we were guided by our hearts, while others bring us excitement and serve as a call to the unbridled energy we want to preserve for eternity. 

The exhibiting artists, some old friends, some new, have joined us to celebrate this quinceañerx, creating spaces that bring us memories that still remain in our soul, like nothing had changed when we were quinceañerxs.

We dedicate this space and its history to them, and we thank them for setting the mood for this festivity.