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Another’s Table

We are pleased to present Another's Table, on view from the 20th of January 2021 on the Textile Arts Center website.

Another's Table features the works of Junior Fernandez, Katrina Majkut, Triton Mobley, Cong-Tam Nguyen (TAC AIR Cycle 11), MJ Tom, and Xia Zhang and is curated by TAC AIR Cycle 11 alumna Melissa Joseph.

When we exist within structures that are not built for us, we are forced to become parasites, surviving in host bodies. In Greek, one translation of parasite is “eating at another’s table.” Non-dominant groups of all kinds experience this phenomenon daily, in ways that are intentional and internalized. This show embodies that experience. The selected artists all contemplate how to work within inhospitable systems in ways that are productive and sometimes subversive. The “parasitic” works confront controlling ideologies in society and the arts.

A misconception of parasitism that I hope to challenge through this exhibition is the notion that parasites offer nothing of benefit to the host. In Classic Greek and Roman theatrical performances, Parasites played important roles in advancing plot lines and laying bare truths. Both parties are simultaneously dependent and useful forming a complex knot with a goal of survival tugging on both ends.

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