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Celebrating Quinceañerx

From June 1st, 2024 until June 9th, 2024.

Open Hours: 11 am - 8 pm (Not Open on Fridays)

Quinces Party : June 9th, 2024 3 pm EST - 7 pm EST

For 15 years, TAC has been a place that promotes community care. Looking into the future, we want to build a space that challenges race and gender norms while continuing to be a space of creation.

Through textiles, we aim to create a vibrant and inclusive community where voices can be heard, and stories can be shared. Textiles offer a unique medium for expression, allowing artists to weave together narratives of tradition, resilience, and cultural identity.

Join us in commemorating a cherished milestone in Latin American culture through the expressive medium of textiles. We invite textile artists, creators, and enthusiasts to participate in an inclusive and empowering exhibition that celebrates the Quinceañerx tradition while acknowledging its complex history.

About the Exhibition: In many Latin American communities, the Quinceañerx is a significant rite of passage for young women, symbolizing their transition from childhood to womanhood. Yet, behind the festivity lies a nuanced history of syncretism and cultural evolution. This exhibition serves as a safe space to explore and reflect on the multifaceted layers of Quinceañerx, reclaiming its essence while acknowledging its historical complexities. 

We want to celebrate our quinces with corronchada, huachafería, flashiness, pomposidad, glitter y como una adolescente desenfrenade

Highlighting the festivity significance on transition while giving it space for the tradition to grow beyond gender binary, while redefining notions of masculinity and femininity. For this, we request submissions from all of the collaborators who have made TAC a place of community, where we can gather, hold space, learn and teach, engage in critical thinking and dialogue. 

Exhibiting Artists:

Las Hermanas Iglesias (Lisa Iglesias), Fabiola Hernandez, Linda Goodwin, Diana Eusebio, Audrey Cibel, Leda Brittenham, Lucy Beizer, Itala Aguilera, NanaYaa Serwaah, Anna Ill, Michelle Fleet, Milo Godfrey, Lynn Hunter , Michelle McVicker, Emma Redmond, Bella Maria Varela, Denelis Acosta, Amanda Morales, Gina Gregorio, Emma Wasielke, Laura Trujillo Salazar, Joanne Talingdan Dolman, Molly G. Simmons, Alicia Scardetta, Meena Satnarain, Laura Camila Ruiz Diaz, Isa Rodrigues, Howard Ptaszek, Mariadele Priest, Agustina Markez, Rachelle Marcus, Maria José Perez, So Ye Oh, Madison Neal, Victoria Manganiello, Alicia Lim, Laili Lau, Maria Antonia Fernandez, Nelson Mancipe collab with Alejandra Mejía Torres and Romina Schulz. 


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