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Introducing WIP Michelle Fleet

Work in Progress (WIP) is a window into the studio practice of contemporary artists and designers that engages the public in a dialogue with the field of textiles. 

This month we are proud to announce Michelle Fleet as our Work In Progress Resident.  Meet Michelle Sundays during WIP Open Studio hours 2-5pm and during her Harvest Bowls and Vessels: Felting with Michelle Fleet taking place on Sunday November, 19th from 6-9 PM.

"I'm a self-taught fiber artist based in Brooklyn. My artistic sensibilities have been profoundly shaped by two decades of experience working with the renowned Paul Taylor Dance Company. The art of felting has become a means for me to further explore and express my tactile creativity. I find that felting can be likened to dance, it involves structured improvisation and allows for creative expression within certain constraints. Like dancing, felting provides a physical and meditative experience, deepening my connection to this tactile art form. Observing the fibers gracefully intertwine with one another ignites my curiosity and fuels my passion for creation. Upon careful examination of each component, one will uncover the intricate choreography that lies within. Using ancient and modern felting techniques, raw fibers are altered into functional pieces, ranging from tapestries to sculptures, decor to wearable art. Sustainable fibers such as alpaca, wool, yak, camel and silk are highlighted. All of the alpaca fiber is sourced from my family's ranch in Washington state. As I continue to explore my unique voice as a fiber artist, it is my utmost endeavor to share my work and embody the essence of my community through the art of felting."

Michelle Fleet, a New York native, brings a unique blend of experience to her work. As a retired professional dancer, teacher, co-founder of the Asbury Park Dance Festival in NJ, and fiber artist, Michelle's diverse background informs her artistic approach. With a B.F.A from SUNY Purchase and an M.B.A. from NYIT, she seamlessly combines her creative expertise with strong business acumen. Throughout her impressive journey, she has consistently shown her unwavering dedication to creativity and performance. She has explored various art forms from an early age, with dance capturing her heart as her first love. It was later in Michelle's life that the art of felting emerged as another profound passion. Michelle's interest in felting sparked during her global tours with the esteemed Paul Taylor Dance Company over a decade ago. Her curiosity led her to the realm of natural fibers and their vast potential for creative manipulation. Michelle, a self-taught fiber artist, has developed her skills in felting through extensive research. Michelle's work includes soft abstract sculptures, functional decorative items, and wearable art. She obtains the necessary fiber for her creations from her family's Alpaca ranch. Michelle's talent in the field of fiber arts has garnered recognition from both local boutiques and online platforms. In response to the growing demand for her work, Michelle took the initiative to establish her own business named Suri & Caya. With Suri & Caya, Michelle not only seeks to exhibit the boundless potential of felting but also hopes to ignite a spark in others, motivating them to explore and uncover the enchantment of this captivating art form.


In this free residency, WIP residents (re)create their studio nestled within TAC’s Artist in Residency studios, while developing and showcasing their work and practice. Additionally, WIP residents host Open Studio hours each Sunday from 2-5pm, as well as workshops, lectures, and events for the community.

We are seeking WIP residents for 2024!  Check out the WIP archives to learn about past featured artists.  

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