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Introducing WIP Howard Ptaszek

Work in Progress (WIP) is a window into the studio practice of contemporary artists and designers that engages the public in a dialogue with the field of textiles. 

This month we are proud to announce Howard Ptaszek as our Work In Progress Resident.  Howard is at TAC most days as our Studio Manager and longtime community artist.  Meet Howard Sundays during WIP Open Studio hours 2-5pm and at Gowanus Open Studios taking place on October 20 + 21 from 12-6pm.

“If there’s nothing to learn, it isn’t worth doing.

All my artwork stems from my inquisitive mind.  How can I do something new or unexpected?  Can I add to the craft of hand weaving? How can I overcome limitations of the floor loom? What other weaving forms can I elevate?

Through variations of the setup of the floor loom, and physical manipulations of the materials and of the loom itself, I make artwork that is unique to the processes that I develop.  Each piece is the result of the process, or processes, created solely for that piece.  This culminates in work that has intellectual as well as aesthetic aspects to each piece.

I yearn to offer a glimpse of the stories that I hold.  Through my art, I offer a peek into my thinking and, hence, my life.”

Howard Ptaszek is an experimental Fiber artist living in Brooklyn, NY.  His artwork is informed by his love of learning, analysis and synthesis. He has degrees in Physics, Mathematics and Industrial Design. His work reflects his interests in formal properties of materials and processes.  He has been weaving since 2009.

Howard is interested in extending the scope of the possibilities of the floor loom, often using new techniques for dressing the loom, adding to the loom itself, or by adding a step (or more) beyond the traditional loom to create his works.

His artwork has been shown in several invitational and juried shows across the US.     


In this free residency, WIP residents (re)create their studio nestled within TAC’s Artist in Residency studios, while developing and showcasing their work and practice. Additionally, WIP residents host Open Studio hours each Sunday from 2-5pm, as well as workshops, lectures, and events for the community.

We are seeking WIP residents for 2024!  Check out the WIP archives to learn about past featured artists.  

Stay tuned, share the call, and APPLY NOW!