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TAC 10 Year Reunion Exhibition

This year marks Textile Arts Center’s 10th anniversary, and a time for reflection and forward visioning, both as an organization, and as individuals invested in the future of textiles. Ten years into our journey, TAC’s commitment to unite and empower the textile community remains unwavering. It has been an honor and a pleasure to serve you, and we are grateful for your support. Throughout this year we plan to celebrate the mission driven social enterprise we call TAC, and all those who played a part in our shared success. TAC exists for, and is powered by community.

Since 2009 TAC has used its platform and collective power to increase visibility of fiber arts and foster connections forged through sharing our knowledge of textiles with one another. The past ten years have brought forth projects, programs, and accomplishments including Sewing Seeds, 505 textiles, TAC Magazine, Give Back Holiday Market, collaborations with Oloop of Slovenia and Chi Nguyen's 5.4 Million and Counting campaign, unique youth programming and artist residencies and facilities. Cultural partnerships include institutions such as the Brooklyn Museum, Bard Graduate Center, BRIC Arts, Brooklyn Public Library, Brooklyn Botanical Garden, Brooklyn Navy Yard, Edible Schoolyard, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Museum of Art and Design, the Museum of the City of New York, and more.

  • To date we have taught over 15,000 adult students
  • Graduated over 50 TAC AIR Alumni
  • Hosted over 30 WIP Residents
  • Mentored over 200 interns
  • Awarded $38,000 in youth scholarships
  • Introduced roughly 20,000 NYC youth to historic and contemporary textiles
  • Collaborated with countless textile ambassadors who embody and champion our philosophy of patient and non-hierarchical experiential learning

Each of these individuals have brought their unique perspectives to the textile conversation and the growth of TAC. From the initial concept of accessible textile studio and exhibition space in NYC we have developed into so much more. All thanks to our robust network of artists, academics, and educators; TAC has become a place to gather, to hold space, to learn and to teach, to make and experience art that is meaningful, thought provoking, and culturally relevant.

Calling ALL resident alumni, past staff, teachers, interns, students, mentors, critics, curators, academics, patrons, benefactors, past exhibitors, presenters, lecturers, collaborators, and friends:

Please accept our gratitude and praise, and join us in person or in spirit for a #TAC10reunion community exhibition May 20th. 

We look forward to officially inaugurating the TAC Project Space ahead of the Annual TAC AIR Exhibition this September, coming home to Textile Arts Center.  Save the date, and APPLY NOW!

We look forward to connecting with those of you who have grown TAC from grass roots.

Peace, Love, and Textiles,
Kelly, Isa + the TAC Team

*You will notice that the application Fee is $15 - proceeds will be directed to Our Resident Scholarship Fund. This is our first fundraising action of the year for AIR scholarships so do not hesitate to apply. Alternatively, please do not allow this fee be prohibitive, contact if you are in need of assistance.

**We understand your contributions to the field of textiles may not culminate in textile artwork to submit- if so, please reach out if you wish to somehow contribute to the TAC BLOG to promote any personal work or textile related news.