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Ancestors In Progress, a Group Show Curated by Black Girls Sew

Opening on Friday, February 9 at 6pm, Ancestors in Progress is a group show organized and curated by Black Girls Sew, taking place at Textile Arts Center.

Ancestors in Progress will exhibit the work of ten Black women artists who move with the understanding that they will one day become an ancestor.

Collectively, the artists shed light on values and teachings that ensure their people's traditions live on. They create work that dances effortlessly through time as they knot fiber, upcycle denim, and embellish cotton cloth. Embedded in their materials and respective practices lie ideas related to water, healing, spiritually, freedom, memory, and loss.

This show, in honor of Black History Month, is a manifestation of their commitment to sharing their knowledge with generations to come.

Participating artists: Cristina WrightElvira ClaytonHekima HapaHera FordIsamarMichelle Fleet ThomasNana YaaSerwaah AkuokuNarkitaNelise CharlesStephanie Santana


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