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Small Works / Big Impact at TAC Project Space



The Textile Arts Center (TAC) is pleased to present Small Works / Big Impact, an online fundraiser exhibition featuring the work of alumni, faculty and staff of the Textile Arts Center’s Artists Programs supporting the TAC’s Artist in Residence Scholarship Fund.


Textiles are made by many fibers, stitches, and layers interlaced together. The thinnest thread or smallest stitch each play an important role in supporting the textile. Our community of artists is like a textile in this way, the whole supports the individual and the individual contributes to the integrity of the whole. As a community funded arts organization we value the support of our students, artists and community members to further our collective mission and dreams.


All the work featured in Small Works/Big Impact exhibition will be sold through an online auction (more details soon). All the proceeds from the silent auction will go towards the TAC AIR Scholarship Fund


Participating artists are:


Aimee Mclaughlin, Alicia Scardetta, Anthony Shimek, Aomi Kikuchi, Chi Nguyen, Cory Emma Siegler, David B. Smith, Diedre Brown, Doug Johnston, Eleanor Anderson, Elizabeth Tolson, Hannah Schultz, Isa Rodrigues, Jamie Boyle, Karla Belinda Amezcua, Kelly Valletta, Kendall Schauder, Lucia Cuba, Melissa Dadourian, Melissa Joseph, Natalie Moore, Natalie Stopka, Noah Pica, Sarah G. Sharp, Sheri Shih Hui, Shihui Zhou, Tiantian Lou, Winnie van der Rijn, Yidan Zeng, Yto Barrada






Why should you support the TAC AIR Scholarship Fund?


Over the last 10 years, TAC’s  Artists In Residence program (TAC AIR) has become a platform for research and exploration of fiber arts, a safe space to develop social and political conceptual work, and an alternative to higher education institutions.


As we move on to the next decade, we strive to develop our resources and opportunities for textile artists. We are committed to fostering accessibility and diversity at TAC, through expanding our tuition free programs and scholarship opportunities. 


Small Works / Big Impact will support the TAC AIR Scholarship Fund, which grants free tuition to one artist or designer working with textiles. Scholarship recipients demonstrate commitment to their art practice, identify with a historically underrepresented community in the arts and/or state the need for financial assistance to participate in the program and advance their artistic practice.