February's Work In Progress Resident



Kayla Thompson is a multimedia artist working in ceramics, tufting, and functional art, currently based in Brooklyn. Working in the intersection between art and design, her interest in furniture and function tugs at the edge of interior design norms. Whether in hard- or soft-sculpture, her work aims to challenge preconceptions about both form and function by rethinking the textures, materials, shapes, and interaction. Her objects have a function, but rather than performing their function quietly they ask to be considered in their own right. 


During the Work In Progress Residency, Kayla will be working on a series of soft-seating forms with tufted abstract patterning. Inspired by childrens’ foam building blocks, the geometric forms will take the proportions of a clay brick. Stand alone, a single block can be used as a floor cushion or ottoman. Bricked together, one may build walls as a play fort or stacked to create new seating arrangements. 





Feb 22 / 3-5pm

TAC Manhattan


Join Kayla for a for a demonstration and discussion of yarn tufting techniques. This meet-up is anyone who is interested in learning more about the tufting process, to swap tips, share ideas, and recommend material sources. 






You can visit Kayla's installation for Work In Progress from Feb1-29, at TAC Manhattan studio, and learn more about her work and process during Artist Open Hours on Saturdays 2-5pm.



“I started tufting as a way to augment a staircase and fell in love with the process. Tufting has been a way for me to translate my drawings and abstract collages into the interior decoration realm, using the tufted surface combined with simple sewing techniques to make rugs and upholstered furnishings. I am influenced by the colorful and pop-art inspired furniture of radical Italian design combined with upcycling of the Do-It-Yourself movement.”





Kayla's practice evolved from ideas that began in the Sculpture and Functional Art program at Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids, Mi (2011). Since then, she has worked as a ceramics technician in several studios around the country, including the KCAD clay studio, Grand Rapids Pottery, The Boulder Pottery Lab in Colorado, and Gasworks Ceramics NYC. During the MFA program at the University of Oregon, she worked as a Graduate Teaching Fellow and Instructor of Record. The Work In Progress residency at TAC will be her first fiber arts focused residency.