November's Work In Progress Resident



KinShip Chevron (Teal), 2019


Sarah G. Sharp is a multidisciplinary research-based artist and curator whose work addresses themes of identity, land, domesticity, technology and communalism. She often combines traditional “analog” form (collage, hand-embroidery, macramé, press-based print media) with contemporary “digital” forms (video, digital photography and image manipulation, and digital printing) to examine how contemporary social, political and cultural relationships to land and technology intersect with American Utopian fantasies. 


Her current work in progress,“KinShip” combines commercially produced fabrics intended to be used for hunting and other forms of modern “camouflage” with geometric, digitally and manually produced embroideries that reference sacred geometry and other “spiritual” schematics. While teaching in Southern Maryland and traveling in the West and Southwest,  Sarah encountered an abundance of materials like hunters shirting and other “camo” and “nature” print fabric in commercial fabric stores. These materials are a point of entry for considering the complex “kinships” that develop amongst communities that live and work together at the edges of rural spaces and how relationships to “natural” spaces intersect with parts of identity, especially gender and sexuality. In KinShip, she explores the material semiotics of these fabrics and other materials as a way to evoke what Donna Haraway calls “the thick co-presence of American life” under late capitalism and in the age of the anthropocene.


KinShip Triangle Octave, 2019


Sarah also works collaboratively through her multi-modal art and social justice project, “The Tool Book Project.”  Centered around semi-annual publications that showcase art, writing, dialogue and critical discourse from international artists and cultural producers, Tool Book is also a platform for sharing resources via curated gallery shows, readings, roundtable discussions, and other public events. Sales from each publication are donated to specific social and environmental justice organizations, providing a mode of direct action for artists and writers to exchange ideas and affect positive social change.


As a Works in Progress resident at TAC Sarah will continue to develop embroidery patterns  and other imagery related to “KinShip” using machine embroidery, hand-sewing methods, quilting and machine sewing. 


KinShip Quilte, 2019


Sarah G Sharp is the recipient of a Getty Library Research Grant, Brooklyn Arts Council Grant, BRIC Arts Media Fellowship, Bronx Museum AIM Fellowship and residency awards at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Tucson, SoHo20 Gallery Residency Lab, Brooklyn and The Vermont Studio Center. Exhibitions include The Aldrich Museum and Real Art Ways in CT, Hampden Gallery at UMass Amherst, ICA Baltimore, LMAK Gallery and Field Projects Gallery in NYC. She is the founder of The Tool Book Project, a multi-modal art project that provides a direct action platform for artists to share their work and raise funds for non-profit groups. Sarah holds an MFA in studio art and an MA Modern and Contemporary Art, Criticism and Theory from Purchase College, SUNY. She is Assistant Professor at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County and teaches in the MFA in Art Practice program at SVA, New York. She lives and works in Brooklyn and Baltimore.




Nov 16, 3-5pm

TAC Manhattan


Join Sarah Sharp for an afternoon of quilting and conversation around art practices and political resistance. 






You can visit Sarah's installation for Work In Progress from November 1-30, at TAC Manhattan studio, and learn more about her work and process during Artist Open Hours,on Saturdays 2-5PM.