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We're thrilled to welcome the 11th cycle o Artists in Residence this October: Melissa Joseph, Aomi Kukuchi, Tinan Nguyen, Marta Nowak, Rowan Renee, Zuhoor Al Sayegh, Anthony Shimek and Yidan Zeng. From October 2019 to June 2020, don't miss the opportunity to visit their studios, learn from their practice and discuss their latest work.





Melissa Joseph is an interdisciplinary artist interested in connecting people through shared memories and experiences. Recent work consists of sculptural works that combine photographs from her childhood printed on silk with a variety of found and handmade objects. The work addresses themes of family, history, and the politics of space.





Aomi Kikuchi is a creator of innovative fine arts inspired by Zen Philosophy, impermanence, insubstantiality, and suffering. She started her career as a fashion designer, and she has a professional Yuzen Kimono Dyeing skills with over twenty-five years career. While she has a strong obsession with silk fabrics, she tries other materials, which have femininity and fragility such as fiber, goose down, and cotton flower. Her artistic practice has been expanding from two- dimensional work to sculpture, installation, and film work.






Cong-Tam Nguyen (they/them or he/him) is an interdisciplinary conceptual artist based in Brooklyn, New York who makes work in the form of mixed media installations, often using drawing as a starting point or a foundation for all work that follows. His work attempts to contribute to ongoing ideas in contemporary art and literature surrounding war, refugee experiences, representation, queer utopias, art institutions, and how those ideas have presented themselves in his own life.

He is interested in creating speculated conceptual locations for his physical artwork to exist in, whether these locations are specific singular spaces or entire conceptualized universes. The conceptual location becomes a prompt for his physical work, informing which images and objects belong in the location and what they look like.

As a recent graduate from the Rhode Island School of Design, Nguyen wants to continue to expand on what he has learned so far, seeing a more narrow focus on textiles as an exciting opportunity to begin to delve into the craft traditions of his family’s native mainland Southeast Asia, something that he has been wanting to explore and research for years.

He dreams of one day having a dog.






Marta is a textile artist and knitwear designer based in New Jersey. She learned to knit from my mom and aunt as a little girl, and this hobby grew into a passion. She enjoys learning from others, and work best in collaborative environments. In the past, she has collaborated with Italy based designer Eva Di Franco in Florence on a small knitwear collection inspired by underwater organisms and the elegance of their form. They were both saddened by effects of overfishing and the rising of water temperatures in marine ecosystems, particularly with the results of coral depletion and overpopulation of jellyfish. Together, they were driven to spread awareness about the deterioration of underwater ecosystems. Collaborating with Eva was highly informative in fitting Marta's knitting experience alongside Eva's knowledge of drafting garment patterns, allowing them the chance to witness their garment ideas come to life exactly as they had planned.






Rowan Renee is a genderqueer artist based in Brooklyn, NY. Their career began as a street artist in 2006, when they joined The Miss Rockaway Armada. Recently, they have received awards from The Aaron Siskind Foundation, The Rema Hort Mann Foundation and The Anchorage Museum of Art, as well as fellowships from The Jerome Foundation and the PEW Center for Art and Heritage. In 2018 they were named an Elsie Choy Lee Scholar by the University of Michigan. Their solo exhibitions include "Z" at Pioneer Works (2015), "Bodies of Wood" at the Aperture Foundation (2017), "No Honor, No Heart" at the CVA Toledo (2019) and "Dead Reckoning" at the Anchorage Museum of Art (2020). Their work has been profiled on NPR, in The New York Times, VICE, Hyperallergic, Huffington Post, American Photo Magazine and Guernica, among many other publications. ​






Zuhoor Al Sayegh is an interdisciplinary artist from the United Arab Emirates. She just graduated from the School of The Art institute of Chicago and works mainly in ceramics and fibers materials. Al Sayegh is inspired mainly by her cultural heritage and the challenges that come with that; but more so uncovering and trying to show the world the beauty that isn’t often portrayed in the media. Al Sayegh is also greatly inspired by nature, the ocean that raised her and the flowers that gave her, her name (Zuhoor meaning flowers in Arabic) and this informs her material choices often finding a certain beauty in working from the ground up. ​







Anthony (Tony (Tonz)) grew up in the Mid-West around a lot of textile makers, and then moved to New York after college to work in queer philanthropy. After a decade of very fulfilling work managing volunteer programs he decided to pursue his textile obsession full-time.

Cloth and fabric have been an important part of his experience since birth - often giving him a sense of love and security. He admires the skill of his mother, grandmothers and aunts, and takes pride in continuing the traditions they have show him while incorporating his own identity.

Today, Anthony is interested in ways of combining his passion for supporting people with his love of textiles and design. He enjoys using queer themes in much of his work as a way of inserting queerness into the home.

Anthony loves to volunteer for ARTE (Art and Resistance Through Education), go on upstate adventures with friends and spend as much time as possible at the Hayden Planetarium.






Yidan Zeng (曽一丹) is an intimacy investigator currently wandering/wondering through New York. She uses fabric, movement, and touch to explore multi-sensual forms for connection. She's been a Digital Accessibility Fellow with Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts (2017), a Create Change Fellow with The Laundromat Project (2018), a visiting glass artist at The University of Hawai'i in Mānoa (2018), and a recipient of the Queens Arts Intervention Grant (2019). She’s also half of a performance duo, Os&En, and has performed in Miami, Providence, Romania, and on and off the streets of NYC. Yidan received her BA and BFA from the Brown-RISD Dual Degree Program in Computer Science and Glass.