June's Work In Progress Resident



Claire Le Pape is a French visual artist and educator with a background in textile design and embroidery. Through daily and ritualized practices, she explores the ties between gesture, time and color.


In her work, Claire re-imagines textile techniques with unusual materials: weaving with nylon threads, embroidering on paper, interlacing ribbon with human bodies – in a radically abstract  aesthetic, almost minimalistic, that allows the viewer to wander freely through their own dreamy visions. She advocates for duality in her practice, at the same time artist and fiber craftswoman. Shifting between one-shot traces,  spontaneous gestures, and obsessive repetition, Claire produces work that ranges from small intimate formats to large scale installations.


Lately, Claire has been focusing on the topic of time, and on the long term commitment necessary to craft, so opposite to the immediacy of our contemporary way of life; and the significance of repetitive gestures in textile practices.


For TAC’s WIP Residency, she will use the space as a stage where she will “perform” her daily creative practices, which will be precisely scheduled every day: weaving, drawing, working, eating, talking, researching… She will also invite the public to participate in a “time scale” weaving, as a material log of her studio practice.






Weaving as Meditation

Saturday. June 22, 2-5PM

Manhattan Studio


Join Claire Le Pape for a workshop on weaving as a meditative and healing practice. In this workshop, participants will be creating an intimate scale weaving, playing with colors and unusually thin threads. Inspired by Claire's practice, special attention will be paid to micro-gestures and sensations while weaving, encouraging a deep connection with the inner self – or at least, a fun way to experiment with weaving.







You can visit Claire's installation for Work In Progress from June 1 -30, at TAC Manhattan studio, and learn more about his work and process during Artist Open Hours, on Saturdays 2-5PM.