The Textile Arts Center is pleased to present TAC’s 10 Year Reunion Exhibition; a Celebration of Textiles and Community, curated by co-executive directors Isa Rodrigues and Kelly Valletta, on view from May 20th to June 3rd in the TAC Project Space at Textile Arts Center, Brooklyn, NY.



Opening Reception

May 20th, 6-9PM RSVP

Textile Arts Center Project Space

505 Carroll St, Brooklyn, NY 11215


Weaving Links: Participatory performance by Claire Le Pape

May 29, 7-9pm RSVP


TAC Project Space Open Hours

Saturday - Thursday



Exhibition Website:


Over the last decade, the 50+ artists have shared their resources at the Textile Arts Center (TAC), as working artists, educators or administrators. Thanks to their talents and expertise TAC has become a place to gather and hold space; to learn and to teach; and to make and experience textile art that is meaningful, thought-provoking, and culturally relevant. Each of the artists featured explores textiles in an unique way in their work, reimagining traditional techniques and contributing with new perspectives to the conversation about textile arts.



Limor Alter / Nicole Asselin / Kyra Berman-Gestring / Tegan Brozyna / Jamie Boyle / Ying Cai / Atsuko Chirikjian / Romina Chuls / PJ Cobbs / Annie Coggan-Crawford / Anny Crane / Sam Crow / Melissa Dadourian / Mia Daniels / Dance Doyle / Sara Duell / Rachel Ehlin-Smith / Julia Elsas / Zaida Adriana Goveo Balmaseda / Heidi Hankaniemi / James Hsieh / Lynn Hunter / Julia John / Claire Le Pape / Elena Kanagy-Loux / Tiantian Lou / Chi Nguyen / Kristina Nobleman / Jill Magi / Jennie Maydew / Stephanie Mcgovern / Elissa Medina / Natalie Moore / Kate Phillips / José Picayo / Howard Ptaszek / Alayna Rasile / Emma Redmond / Isa Rodrigues / Etta Sandry  / Hannah Schultz / Kira Silver / Florence Spurling / Natalie Stopka / Elizabeth Tolson / Kelly Valletta / Brigitta Varadi / Miriam Vergara / Hanna Washburn / Emma Welty / Shihui Zhou / Olivia Zisman




Ten years into our journey, TAC’s commitment to unite and empower the textile community remains unwavering.  


To ALL resident alumni, past staff, teachers, interns, students, mentors, critics, curators, academics, patrons, benefactors, past exhibitors, presenters, lecturers, collaborators, and friends:



Please accept our gratitude and praise, and join us in person or in spirit for a #TAC10reunion community exhibition opening May 20th.


We look forward to officially inaugurating the TAC Project Space with you all.



Peace, Love, and Textiles,


Kelly Valletta, Isa Rodrigues + the TAC Team