AIR @ TAC MAKER SPACE (Bard Graduate Center)



April 2 to May 13


Neil Goss has dedicated the past 8 years to researching and experimenting with sustainable art materials and processes.  He preserves technologies like backstrap weaving and natural dyeing to create contemporary works of art.  Subversion plays an important role in his practice while focusing on contradiction, duality, biocentrism and interconnectedness. In 2012 he received two BFA’s in Design (Textiles and Ceramics) from the University of Kansas SOTA.



Artist Public Hours:


Neil will be working in the studio/gallery most days during his residency.  Please see the schedule below for dates and times he will be hosting community hours.

Wednesdays, 1-7
Thursdays (other than 5/3), 5-8
Saturdays (other than 4/14 & 4/28), 12-4 
Sunday (4/15, 5/6), 12-4 


During these hours visitors are invited to join him on the 4th floor to experience and/or participate in backstrap weaving, have discussions, ask questions, view the in-progress time-based installation and more.



Biocentric Interconnectedness : We All Contribute to the Web


The intention of this project is to create a time-based installation visually representing interconnectedness.  The residency will resolve with an interactive performance bringing life and energy to the installation.  


Through community engagement and backstrap weaving, willing visitors will have the opportunity to create elements of the installation.  Backstrap weaving is a human process bridging cultural and continental gaps.  It is a symbol of community, nature, history, life and multicultural interconnectedness.  The materials and processes used to create the installation (hemp yarn, wool yarn, natural dyes, weaving, etc.) serve to strengthen the concept of interconnectedness.  This is made possible through the materials and processes possessing cultural connections all over the world.



Want to take classes with Neil this month at Textile Arts Center? See Available sessions below!


Apr 14 (Sat) - Brooklyn - Natural Dye Extracts: Creating Your Own Pigments

Apr 17 + 19 (T, Th) - Brooklyn - Intro to Natural Dyeing

Apr 28 + 29 (Sat, Sun) - Brooklyn - Backstrap Weaving



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