February's Work In Progress Resident





Annie Gunks (Anne Dunckel ) is a Colorado based scientist/artist. She pulls inspiration from the landscapes around her and crafts it into forms that can be used to connect people to each other and to the natural world. 

Currently Annie is interested in the struggle of creating structure to the fluidity of fabric. Traditionally trained and working as hydrogeologist,  Annie works towards abstracting the natural world of water and minerals through fabric sculpture and 3-D quilting using recycled sheets. Some of the themes that Annie explores through her work include, irregular growth, human imprint and impact on the natural world, and beauty in imperfection. 




“I love to use my work to spark discussion on how we are connected to and perceive the natural landscape as well as how we impact those forms around us. “



“The balance between organic and mineral forms in nature is complex and builds into unique forms that create the landscapes we love to adventure to and protect. In that same way I’m trying to use an organic material to recreate an inorganic structure, such as the geological surface of mountain range, and often the results are driven by the process which builds the structure on its own. I use geographic information system software (GIS) in order to visualize topographic features and abstract their surfaces using a triangulated irregular network (TIN). The reality of abstract computed surfaces translated to fabric is one of an organic epitaxy where the physical nature of the fabric and stitching breathe their own life into the form and push the overall pieces towards their own collective destiny. “




NYC Rivers and Dirt: Lecture + Workshop

Saturday, February 24, 2-5pm

TAC Manhattan Studio


Join Annie Gunks for a lecture and workshop exploring the soil and water that surround us, while discussing the native topography of the NYC landscape and how urbanization has altered the flow of water and pollutants through the landscape.






You can visit Anne's installation for Work In Progress from February 3 - 28, at TAC Manhattan studio, and learn more about her work and process during Artist Open Hours, on Saturdays 2-5PM.