January's Work In Progress Resident





Fiorella Gonzales Vigil is a multidisciplinary artist working across textiles, ceramic and installation based in Lima, Peru. Coming from a painting background, Fiorella started introducing fiber and clay elements in her installation work, while working towards her MFA in New York. These materials and their association with qualities such as fragilitiy, softness and flexibility.
allow her to convey ideas related to intimacy and vulnerability. Her most recent work fully embraces fiber materials and integrated textile techniques such as weaving, wrapping and digital embroidery. Besides fiber materials, Fiorella uses often objects or fragments of daily life associated with domestic environments in her work. Experimentation plays an important role on Fiorella's installation work and new techniques and always ways of creating arise from it. 

During her residency at Work In Progress, Firorella will continue to explore concepts of intimacy, vulnerability and invisibility; and how emotions, memory and imaginations, very private aspects of human beings, remain invisible if not shared, but when they become public their intimate nature is lost. 



"My process at the studio is slow and involves plenty of craftsmanship. I enjoy connecting with the materials and techniques I am working with and allowing myself to adapt to their nature."


Fiorella received a BFA from Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (PUCP) and a MFA from School of Visual Arts (SVA) in New York. Her works have been exhibited in several shows in Latin America, Europe and the U.S. Recent exhibitions include Thinking With Our Hands, RabbitHole Projects, Brooklyn; Autoponomos, Casa Tres Patios, Medellín; Impossible Geometries curated by Lauren Haynes, Field Projects, NY; New Work. New York- works by New York City MFA students and recent graduates, curated by Kat Griefen, Brooklyn, NY; Trestle Gallery, Brooklyn, NY; I not only sew. Traditional Female Aesthetic in Contemporary Art Practice curated by Gabriela Germaná, John Harriman Gallery, Lima; Id, Ego, Superego, Miniego, Not Ego, Other, Cecilia Gonzales and Denisse Dourojeannie Gallery, Lima; Detour, Colich Center, Lima. She has participated at different art fairs like PULSE Art Fair, NY; (e)merge Art Fair, Washington; Governors Island Art Fair (GIAF), NY and also done residencies like NARS Foundation International Artists Residency, Brooklyn and Campos de Gutiérrez, Medellín.  At the moment she is teaching at her former school PUCP and at an elementary school while continuing with her art practice. 





You can visit Fiorella's installation for Work In Progress from January 1 - 31, at our Manhattan studio, and learn more about her work and process during Artist Open Hours, on Saturdays 2-5PM.




ANILLADO WORKSHOP (Ancient Peruvian Technique)

Saturday, January 20th



Join Fiorella  for a workshop on Anillado, an ancestral Peruvian technique, Anillado. Anillado is similiar to knitting but done just with one needle, and can only be found during the time corresponding to Paracas Necrópolis to Nazca (700 BCE and 300 BCE).