November's Work In Progress Resident





Elizabeth Tolson is an expanded media artist and educator, based in New York, whose work explores the boundaries of art, technology, and feminism. Through an alchemy of artistic skills honed during life and scholastic experiences, she brings important social issues front and center and generates real discussion. Challenging group norms through over-representation of societies gender flaws, she draws the audience in with her provocative work.


Elizabeth holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Alfred University and a Masters of Fine Arts in Design and Technology from Parsons, where she is currently part-time faculty. Elizabeth’s work has been featured in New York Time’s T Magazine, Styleite, Make Magazine, Beautiful/Decay, and Adafruit. Exhibits include the Target Gallery in Alexandria, VA; The Washington Project for the Arts Experimental Media Series at The Philips Collection in Washington D.C.; Cuchifritos Gallery in New York City, and SXSW in Austin, Texas.




You can visit Elizabeth's installation for Work In Progress from November 1 - 30, at our Manhattan studio, and learn more about her work and process during Artist Open Hours, on Saturdays 2-5PM.




Saturday, November 18



Join Elizabeth for a workshop on how basic circuitry can be incorporated in clothing. Participants will use simple circuits to create individual wearable LED pins.






"What would the world be like if it didn’t hate women? I examine this question throughout my work. Seeing through different ways of exploration: from the male gaze to the obsession with chastity, the ownership of one's body, and body shaming. All which undermine how women portray their sexuality and purpose. The desire to control women has been a subversive part of human culture for centuries. Through wearable technology in performance, video, and installation, I create my own narratives about the female body. Embedding LEDs into my garments, I observe how light and the body interact with each other. Light seemingly being explored as a pure material. Some of my works are more literal, alternate futuristic realities. While others explore the body through abstract grotesque silhouettes. My recent pieces explore the juxtaposition of this distorted body and it’s surrounding, whether it be in the wilds of nature or the center of a great city. "




"My work is related to the female body and its environment. I think about the spaces I want to use and how I can blend into them. From there I create studies of wearable shapes for the space and how the body can be incorporated. I work with light as a medium and the changes it experiences within the environments. Throughout this evolution I also research how the female body is viewed and how I can reclaim the gaze while performing in these spaces. Once my studies of shapes are finished I create a wearable form. I go out into the environments and embed myself into them, as a slow moving sculpture. I capture my performances through video and photography. When showing my work as an installation I display my wearables as shells of this persona. An extension of my female body that is now left behind, a formless body."