October's Work In Progress Resident 


Linking design, fiber arts, public health and social research, the October Work In Progress resident  Lucia Cuba will be working on the series “Wearables for/to protest”, as part of her ongoing project “Exercises on Health” (EoH): a multi-series project that addresses how people and communities think about and value health, and how health may become a more tangible and concrete horizon for intervention once people can relate to it through public conversation. 


EoH (2014) Photo: Tony Robles 


EoH itself is a long-term project that stands at the intersection of fashion design and public health. Its objective is to explore notions of health and its absence by addressing the hardships and opportunities the experience of health can bring forth.  The project aims to raise awareness on issues of health and politics at the individual and social level, foregrounding local and international dimensions of health outcomes.  

Essentially, EoH relocates the places where debates and exchanges surrounding health often take place, promoting reflexivity and personal agency to advance human wellbeing.



EoH (2017) Photo: Lucia Cuba 


EoH (2017) Photo: Lucia Cuba 


During the WIP residency at TAC, Lucia will be working on the third chapter of EoH (EoH3), exploring representations of sexual and reproductive health at the individual and social level, addressing the situation of sexual and reproductive rights, services, as well as the paths to access and promotion of these kinds of rights in the United States. 


This chapter of the project will be structured in two main parts: 


  • Fostering collective conversations with the public aimed at mapping a bottom-up visions of the material and symbolic apparatus that governs sexual and reproductive health in New York; 
  • Advancing a participative design framework to continue working on a series of wearable devices as part of the collection “Wearables for/to Protest”, aimed at impacting people and places, as well as personal and public agendas related to this dimension of health.


EoH (2017) Photo: Lucia Cuba 



Through her work, Lucia Cuba creates garments and other wearable objects as critical devices, at the intersection of fashion design and social science. As a fashion designer and scholar, she is interested in issues of gender, health, biopolitics and global fashion practices. She has developed projects concerned with activism, education, and the study of non-Western fashion systems.  Her work has been showcased at the Museum Boijmans (Rotterdam), the Museum of Arts and Design (NY), the Centre d’art la Panera (Lleida), Museo Amparo (Puebla), the OCT Art & Design Gallery (Shenzhen), among other international cultural venues. She holds an MFA in Fashion Design and Society from Parsons School of Design (NY), and a BS in Social Psychology at Cayetano Heredia University (Lima) where she also undertook MA studies in Educational Psychology and PhD studies in Public Health. She currently works as Assistant Professor of Fashion at Parsons.


You can visit Lucia's installation and participate in this project from October 7th –30th at our Manhattan studio, and learn more about her work and process while engaging in conversation during Artist Open Hours, on Saturdays 2-5PM.




Saturday, October 28, 2-5PM


Join Lucia Cuba, October's Work In Progress resident, at the Textile Arts Center, for a workshop exploring personal and political representations of health through the creation of “wearables for/to protest”.