June WIP Resident


We’re excited to welcome Raisa Kabir as the Work In Progress resident for the month of June. 



June 23, 7PM

TAC Manhattan



June 29, 5:30-8:30PM

TAC Brookyln


Join Raisa Kabir, in creating a piece of textile art that maps and documents identity and it’s cultural links to memory, place and shared history. 





Raisa's practice uses the tools of performative weaving, installation and sound art as a basis of investigation, often fusing genres of craft, politics and performance, with video, photography and sound, within her work. Currently, her research is firmly embedded in textiles and the social histories they can encapsulate. Raisa's work involves weaving in performances and durational installations, addressing the intensive labour processes entailed in textile production that involve the body, such as continuous warping on a large exhaustive scale, to retrace borders and maps of conflict.  In an attempt to embody the performative labors associated with art production and the gendered queer brown body,  her work makes visible the labour of production, and healing trauma held in the body.





Since studying BA Textile design at Chelsea College of Arts, where she specialized in woven textiles, her research has been concerned with textile heritages, and the ways in which the skills and practices of handloom woven cloth carry an epistemology of the cultural landscapes and local identity through the languages of weaving (their motifs, patterns and stories learnt and recorded and transmitted through fabric). Hand woven textiles can hint at and draw a cultural map, or become shorthand for dress and identity linked to place and memory; a way of making, and a way of knowing all at once. She is interested in cloth as a lexicon of identity, history and place; whole systems of knowledges and archives found in woven textiles. She often works with the concept of weaving as a form of resistance and strategy against cultural imperialism, and much of her recent work has been exploring intangible heritages, and the coded languages of weaving. 


She has shown work at the Centre of Craft Creativity and Design, The Whitworth, Manchester UK, Arcadia Missa, London UK, Raven Row, London UK and is due to be on residency at The Tetley in Leeds UK.




You can visit Raisa’s installation for Work In Progress this June to learn more about her work and process during Artist Open Hours, on Saturdays, 2-5PM at our Manhattan studio.