What does it mean to belong to a textile community?  We're hosting a design contest this April, asking you to illustrate the ways in which textiles foster community. 


Earlier this year we put our TAC Manifesto on our Manhattan window, which is what WE strive for as a community in words and action. Now we're asking to see your thoughts, your hopes and your vision! 


Textile Arts Center is a safe space, but not a silent space.

We can be a respite, but are not just an escape.

TAC is a place for critical thinking and dialogue.


Toni Cade Bambara once said:

"The role of the artist is to make the revolution irresistible."


And we are revolutionaries.

We are a place that acknowledges our history.

We are a place that imagines our future.

We are a place that uses our hands.

We are a place for female empowerment.

We are a place for empowerment of all folks to break free of gender norms.

We are a place for connections.

We are a place that educates.

We are a place that educates educators.

We are a place that volunteers our time and abilities.

We are a place that promotes self care.

We are a place where we can admit our flaws, celebrate our differences and further our ideas.

We are a community through textiles, but make no mistake we are revolutionaries.


Find your talents.

Use your talents.

Share your talents.






To submit, post your illustration on Instagram and use the hashtag: #TACdraws 


Now accepting submissions through April 30th. We'll announce the winning illustration on May 1st. 


The winner's design will be printed and distributed during screen printing press demonstrations throughout the summer, and the winner will receive one $350 credit for a TAC class of his/her choosing!* 

*Class credit valid for one year, redeemable for one 4-Week or Weekend Intensive class at Textile Arts Center.


Designs submitted can be a rainbow of colors but please note art may need to be simplified for demonstration printing purposes