April WIP Resident


We're excited to welcome Tegan Brozyna as the Work In Progress resident for the month of April. Drawing from her background in painting and textiles, Tegan Brozyna Roberts is a mixed media artist based out of Brooklyn, NY. Tegan's current work stems from her relationship with the environment, particularly her fascination with terrain and color. Working meditatively and generatively, Tegan's making process reflects the rhythm and polarity of the natural world as it shifts from chaos to order. Each piece marks a journey as she explores her surroundings, dissects her materials, and then reassembles these fragments into new forms and reinvented landscapes. 

Tegan recently received a MFA from Brooklyn College where she was a Graduate Teaching Fellow, and a recipient of the Cerf Award in Art as well as the Dean's Award in Art. Tegan has exhibited in group and solo exhibitions in New York and Brooklyn as well as in Philadelphia, Harrisburg, and Allentown, PA. She has also shown work internationally in Orvieto, Italy and Blonduos, Iceland. Recently as part of a solo exhibition, three of Tegan's large-scale sculptural pieces were on view at the Philadelphia International Airport (2014-15). Tegan is a former artist in residence at World Class Learning Academy in New York (2014), and the Icelandic Textile Center in Blonduos, Iceland (2015). 


You can visit Tegan's installation for Work In Progress from April 1 - 30 and learn more about her work and process during Artist Open Hours, on Saturdays, 2-5PM at our Manhattan studio.


Art + Climate Change: A Conversation with Tegan Brozyna

Saturday, April 22, 5-7:30PM


In honor of Earth Day, artists, activitists, and environmentally conscious folks of all kinds are invited to come together at the Textile Arts Center's Manhattan studio to discuss ways to fight Climate Change and create signs for the Climate March. Tegan Brozyna will talk about incorporating sustainability into her artistic practice as well as simple ways artists and non-artists alike can help fight Climate Change on a personal, and community level.





Tegan Brozyna Artist Statement


I have a natural penchant for exploring my surroundings in fine detail. It is a desire for communion: I want to experience the intimate in the immense landscape and to break down the complexity of my daily environment. As part of this exploration I collect artifacts: unique shapes and color palettes from my everyday habitat. By investigating the smaller aspects of an environment, particularly those that I can hold in the palm of my hand, I am able to communicate its specific essence. I am also forced to confront my own vulnerability and hypervigilance. 

This process of investigation manifests itself as woven collages that are modular with smaller components being dissected and gathered, much like stones accumulating into a mountain. Borrowing from the language of weaving, colorful clusters of paper are layered and suspended in space by the tension of threads. Delicate yet strengthened by their interwoven structure, these modular forms reach upward in harmony. This reflects a need to find and cultivate peace in a world clamoring with noise and weighted by violence and pain.