The Textile Arts Center offers a Work Exchange program at our Brooklyn studio, for those interested in being part of TAC's community and using the studio resources. 
Studio Monitoring is a one month commitment to one 4-hour Monitor shift per week, in exchange for one month of free Open Studio. Studio Caretaking is a one month long commitment to one 3 hour cleaning shift per week, in exchange for one month of free Open Studio as well as $85 class credit.
Staff, students, and visitors rely on the commitment that Work Exchange participants make to keep our Studio running as a resource for the TAC community. We look for individuals who have a positive and open attitude, who enjoy working with people in an active studio environment, and who are respectful and responsible. Applicants are contacted for the Work Exchange position as-needed based on availabilities in our schedule.
  • Studio Monitoring shifts available are Tuesdays and Thursdays 10:30-2:30PM and Mondays Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays 5-9PM
  • Monitors are responsible for monitoring the studio during Open Studio, including buzzing people in, greeting and signing in students, aiding in clean-up, and closing the studio.
  • Applicants are asked to commit to work on the same shift for the whole month. 
  • Studio Monitors can use Open Studio for free during the month of their Work Exchange commitment. TAC Open Studio rules apply.
  • Studio Caretaking shifts are available Saturdays and Sundays between 5 - 8PM
  • Caretakers are responsible for cleaning the studio, and communicating with the Studio Manager on Studio Supplies
  • Studio Caretakers can use Open Studio for free during the month of their Work Exchange commitment and gain $85 class credit. TAC Open Studio rules apply.








Application Period:  February 18 - March 31
Interviews: April 8 - April 16 
Acceptance by: April 30, 2020
Orientation: Tuesday, May 19, 2020
Start Date: May 26, 2020 (after Memorial Day)
End Date:  August 25, 2020
Positions available:
Arts Admin (1)    |   Youth Education (4-6)   |   Studio (2)    |  Resource (1)   |  Artist Programs (0)









Throughout the year, Textile Arts Center accepts motivated students, artists and hobbyists to its Internship Program. TAC seeks individuals who are eager to learn more about how it works as an organization, as well those who want to share their skill set with TAC while learning on the job.


As part of Textile Arts Center’s mission to act as a resource facility for the textile community, the program allows for a mutually beneficial relationship, and a comprehensive way to engage with the community at large. Through specific responsibilities, as well as individual projects suited to the intern, we seek to give our interns experience to enhance their knowledge of working in a small arts organization. In addition, TAC compensates interns through access to classes and equipment in exchange for their work contributions that allow TAC to provide all it does for the community.





Fall and Spring Internships are a 4.5 month commitment, unless otherwise discussed. Together we create a schedule for each intern that covers approximately 15-20 hours per week. Some internship positions require very specific hours. Summer internships are a 30/hr per week commitment, for 3 months.  


Preference is given to those who are receiving school credit, but class credits are provided for all accepted interns. 





• Association with a small but growing arts organization focused on the textile and fiber community that holds classes, workshops, exhibitions, guest lectures, screenings while working with esteemed teachers, artists and designers from the textile industry and art world. 


• Access to our open studio facilities, equipment, and $1100 of class credit!


• Collaborative + communicative environment – new ideas are always welcome! Interns are an integral part of the TAC team


• Hands-on opportunity to learn about a small arts organization, as well as specific techniques and skills




Winter/ Spring Internship: Applications open in November

Summer Internship: Applications open in February

Fall Internship: Applications open in June 





Generally, preference is given to students who are able to receive credit for their internship, but we accept applications from anyone with a strong passion for the textile arts and a desire to work with an organization with a model such as TAC’s. Applicants must be 18 years of age.


After reviewing applications, we will contact all those who seem like a good fit for specific internships, and we will conduct an interview. If you are unable to make the interview in person, we will schedule a Skype conversation. Interviews will be conducted by specific supervisors. After interviews are complete for those contacted, we will be in touch by via email to let you know about your internship status. 


As we base our interview selections on your answers in this application, please be thorough and honest in your answers!


For all internship related inquiries, please email






Studio - Interns have the opportunity to learn about the daily operations and management of a public arts studio. Responsibilities include: managing inventory, material sourcing + purchasing, maintenance procedures, studio readiness, class prep, and specialty projects. 

Supervisor: Studio Manager


Youth Education - Interns have the opportunity to work directly in a classroom setting with a variety of textile techniques. Interns are responsible for aiding the Youth Programs Director and Instructors during class time. Interns are encouraged to take on the responsibility of teaching single classes their own. Responsibilities include: helping with class prep + breakdown, working on program development and curriculum writing. 

Supervisor: Education Managers


Admin + Social Media - Interns get hands-on experience with helping to grow an arts organization through outreach and outward-facing interaction. Interns also work on researching and developing new materials to promote textile education to a larger audience. Responsibilities include: basic design and content creation for marketing collateral and social media platforms, basic data reporting and spreadsheet maintenance, assisting with seasonal event planning.

Supervisor: Co-Executive Director, Director of Operations


Artist Programs (not available as Summer Internship) -  Interns aid in running the two residency programs at TAC, Artists in Residence and Work In Progress, and in developing other resources and opportunities for artists. Responsibilities include aiding in scheduling and curriculum development,  attending weekly classes + meetings, documentation, interview + writing artist features for our blog, research and promotion of textile events, and aiding in organization/curating exhibitions.

Supervisor: Co-Executive Director