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As we are a community supported small business we are truly grateful for your patronage.   
Consider purchasing a future class, an open studio pass, or a gift certificate.  Like other small businesses, we will continue to be hit hard in the coming weeks and we thank you for your support.

At Textile Arts Center we strive to provide empowerment through knowledge, and create a collaborative and inspiring experience.


This philosophy is at the heart of our Youth Education programs. Here, we appreciate the unique values of textile arts and want to expand opportunities for new practitioners to engage with the medium. Experiential learning is the foundation of our model and enables students of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels to make meaningful contributions to a growing community of fiber artists.


Workshops, courses, events, and special programs at TAC allow professionals and novices alike to explore their creative ingenuity through handcraft processes. By engaging with groups ranging from the youngest newcomers to age-old experts, we increase the positive social impact of textile arts and nurture innovations and leadership in the field.