Welcome to Textile Arts Center!  We are pleased that you have chosen to host your child’s birthday party with us!  

All birthday parties are held in our Manhattan location and offer 2 hours of creative time with a half hour of celebration.  Food and cake are provided by parents, TAC provides the creativity!  Party goers will leave with a great experience, a great project, a sugar high, and goody bags from TAC.


Location: TAC Manhattan


Time Slots: Saturdays 11:00- 1:30

*If a date does not appear, it is unavailable



Up to 8 kids: $455

9- 12 kids: additional $285

9- 16 kids: additional $485


*Deposit is $455 to reserve your date




Questions?  Contact our Birthday Party instructor Callen Zimmerman at callen@textileartscenter.com!




Please review our Policies before booking.



Weaving Party:

Straightforward and simple -- kids will have the chance to weave on a loom, with the colors of the rainbow at their fingertips.  Experiment with colors and texture to create woven cloth to take home! Kids can imagine many uses for their new woven swatch -- whether a blanket for a stuffed animal, rug for a dollhouse, small scarf, or any other creative thing!


Printing Party:

Kids can really leave their mark, printing a colorful pillowcase to add personality and originality to their room.  The stamp can be used and reused, on paper or fabric, so your art can decorate your stationary or your fashion creations long after the party is over.


For 9 to 12 year-olds, the Carved Stamp Party lets you explore the art of making hand-made stamps out of rubber. Create your own carving using a variety of tools!


For kids aged 5-8, collagraph prints take you on an exciting art journey, from building a stamp to printing art with it! Kids will learn the process of creating collagraphs using heavy cardstock or foam, and experience the thrill of creating a series of prints from it. No two are alike!


Fiber Jewelry Party:

If fashion is your passion, fiber jewelry will spark your creativity. With this medium, texture, color, and finish offer unexplored possibilities in fiber fashion. Create beads from felt and fabric applique to craft pendants, charms and other soft and eye-catching pieces, then string them on a chain for a one of a kind textile adornment.


Kids 5-7 years old will wet felt, Kids 8-12 years old will be able to needle felt.