Check out our FAQs below about TAC Summer Camping at Home! 



Now that some camps might open up after June 29, is there any potential that TAC will open later in the summer for in-person camp, or has the decision been made to run TAC Summer Camp at Home all summer long?

Our plans for TAC at Home Summer Camp have not shifted with the NYC announcement of in-person camps. Our goal is to provide a safe, healthy, and fiber-filled TAC Summer Camp at home. As always, stay up to date with all TAC programs and announcements by signing up for our newsletter!


I signed up for 1 week of summer camp but now have a 6-week subscription. What does that mean?

Your previous 1 week of Summer Camp entitles you to Tier 1 TAC at Home Summer Camp; a 6-week Subscription, Craft Kit with 9 crafts, 1 extensive Project Kit, Summer Camp Zine, and a Summer Camp Tshirt. Your subscription includes access to 6 weeks of Craft Circles and Textile Hangouts. Your TAC Camp Project Kit comes with written + video tutorials, ‘live’ troubleshooting events, and all the materials + tools to get busy creating.


What are the Project Kit(s)? How will they work?

Projects kits for 5-10 are designed to give your child the freedom to learn about textile processes that work with fabric to enhance and enrich the surface. The maximum number of structured projects students will have access to over the summer is 3 (With Tier 3 registration), with weaving being an option in Tier 2 and 3.


Tier 1 TAC Summer Camp at Home NATURAL DYEING Project Kit includes all the materials and tools needed to create a natural dye kitchen at home.*


AND we have Add-On Project Kits available with Tier 2+3! Add Marbling and Weaving to your Summer plans!*


*Summer Camp Project Kits are intended to be flexible for all families and can be used with our written instructions or instructional videos, and if you have any trouble we will have scheduled opportunities for ‘live’ support.


What are Craft Circles? What will be in the Craft Kits?

Craft Circles are part of the 6-week Subscription and are a fun way to share work, socialize with friends, and get crafting online along with TAC counselors and campers weekly. Your Craft Kit will include tools and materials for an array of textile processes. Work on one of your 9 processes from your Craft Kit like tapestry weaving, kumihimo, embroidery, hand sewing, bead weaving, finger knitting, wet felting, or foiled accessories. Other hand crafts you are working on at home are also welcome as part of our creative conversation!


What are Textile Hangouts?

Textile Hangouts are opportunities to engage with the greater Textile Arts Center Artist and Maker Community, and will include online events geared to all ages such as Artist Talks, Studio Visits, Scavenger Hunts, Textile Story Hours + more! We will have our Summer Camp at Home events calendar live by the end of June and will be adding events all summer long!


What is the Zine?

The TAC Summer Camp Zine will contain textile facts, projects and patterns to use at home, coloring pages, articles, word searches and jokes to promote learning and self-guided fun!


I previously registered for 2 (or more weeks) of camp. How does this fit in with your new camp structure?

Tier 1 TAC SUMMER CAMP AT HOME = One TAC Summer Camp Project Kit + a 6-week subscription

Tier 2 registration (previously 2 weeks of camp) = Two TAC Summer Camp Project Kits total

Tier 3 registration (previously 3 weeks of camp) = Three TAC Summer Camp Project Kits total

I registered for 2-3 weeks of camp. If I want to remain registered for Tier 2 or 3, am I entitled to a credit or a refund?

Yes, you will be entitled to a credit or refund for the difference in pricing before June 20th. Please fill out THIS FORM by June 20th for a credit or refund.


I registered for 2/3 weeks of camp, but only want to participate in Tier 1 of TAC Summer Camp at Home. Is this possible? Can I get a credit or refund for the other week(s) of camp?

Yes, you can participate in Tier 1 AND get a credit or a refund (before June 20th) for the additional weeks of camp you originally registered for. Please fill out THIS FORM by June 20th for a full refund.


My child was originally registered for a week of weaving this summer. Will my child still get to weave?

Every child will learn how to tapestry and bead weave on their own loom this summer, so everyone will get to weave! Our Tier 2 and 3 offer the option of weaving on a rigid heddle loom on loan from TAC.


If you add a project kit, do you then have everything you'd need for two kids to do all of the projects?

Each camper will need to register for Tier 1 Summer Camp to have access to individual Project Kits, Craft Kits, Zines, and the 6-Week Summer Camp Subscription. Each camper will need a kit for themselves to have all the materials.


Do the 6 weeks of TAC at Home Summer Camp include 6 different projects? Is this what is included in one project kit, everything you need for 6 projects?

The maximum number of structured projects student will have access to over the summer is 3 (With Tier 3 registration). In addition, all campers will be provided craft materials to explore an array of textile techniques in a structure that encourages exploration during Craft Circle for the 6 weeks of Summer Camp.


How much supervision will the projects require?

Our 5+6 year old program is designed to be a parent and child program for project success. Our 7-10 year old projects are designed to be an independent workflow. We encourage you to open the kits with your child and explore the materials to assess individual needs.


Can Kits be picked up/shipped at one time or will they be shipped weekly? Can Kits be shipped internationally?

Our goal is to keep shipping/pick ups at a minimum. We will be sending out a survey for all Summer Camp Registrants which will collect all of the necessary information for shipping or contactless pick up at our Brooklyn location.


Can Kits be picked up in advance?

Kits will be ready for contactless pick up the week of July 13 at our Brooklyn location.