Check out our FAQs below about TAC Summer Camping at Home! 


How does the 6-week subscription work?

Your registration for TAC at Home Summer Camp Tier 1 entitles you to 1 week of Natural Dyeing Project Support and a 6-week Subscription to our Craft Project Kits, Craft Circles, Textile Hangouts, Read Alongs, our daily Welcome and Movement, a TAC Summer Camp Zine, and a Camp T-shirt. Your child can come as little or as much as they want to these events throughout the entire 6 weeks. See our sample schedule in the 5-10 registration page.


What are the Project Kit(s) and Project Support?

Every 5-10 year old child who registers for camp will be sent our Tier 1 Project: Natural Dye Kitchen. In addiditon to the Natural Dye Kitchen, you can add on Tier 2 Marbling and Tier 3 Weaving with a Cricket loom.

Summer Camp Project Kits are intended to be flexible for all families and can be used with our written instructions or instructional videos. If you have any trouble or want to connect, we have scheduled opportunities every other day for live support. See the schedule on our 5-10 year old page to find out when we offer Project Support.

We also have a Project wrap up on Friday where kids can show off their progress with the kits regardless of whether or not they have come to our live sessions throughout the week.


What will be in the Craft Kits?

Craft Kits will be sent out weekly and incldue the following: Felted Soap Kit, Emboridery Kit, Tapestry Weaving Kit, Foiled Accessories Kit, Kumihimo Kit and Bead Weaving Kit. Come to our Craft Circles to learn how to use your craft kits.


What are Craft Circles? What will the craft activities be?

Craft Circles are available to your child for the entire 6 weeks of camp. They are a fun way to learn how to work with materials from your craft kits, share the work you have made, as well as socialize with friends and TAC instructors. Other hand crafts you are working on at home are also welcome as part of our creative conversation!


What are Textile Hangouts?

Textile Hangouts are part of the 6-week Subscription and are opportunities to engage with the greater Textile Arts Center Artist and Maker Community, and will include online events geared to all ages such as Artist Talks, Studio Visits, Scavenger Hunts, Textile Story Hours + more!


What is the Zine?

The TAC Summer Camp Zine will contain textile facts, projects and patterns to use at home, coloring pages, articles, word searches and jokes to promote learning and self-guided fun!


If you add a project kit, do you then have everything you'd need for two kids to do all of the projects?

Each camper will need to register for Tier 1 Summer Camp to have access to individual Project Kits, Craft Kits, Zines, and the 6-Week Summer Camp Subscription. Each camper will need a kit for themselves to have all the materials.


How much supervision will the projects require?

Our 5+6 year old program is designed to be a parent and child program for project success. Our 7-10 year old projects are designed to be an independent workflow. We encourage you to open the kits with your child and explore the materials to assess individual needs.


Can materials be picked up/shipped at one time or will they be shipped weekly?

Upon registration, you wil be sent a Pre-Camp Parent survey which will collect all of the necessary information for shipping or contactless pick up at our Brooklyn location. Project kits for Tier 1, 2 and 3 will be shipped out or ready for pick up together, along with any craft kits to date. Additional Craft Kits will be shipped out weekly.


How long will it take for me to get my materials?

Upon registration you will be sent a Pre-Camp Parent Survey to fill out. Once we have your response to this survey, your materials will be prepared for you. Materials are shipped weekly. It can take up to 10 days from date of registration to reciept of materials.