Weaving 201: Double Weave

Ready to move on to more advanced weaving? If you've taken any of the beginner Weaving courses at TAC, or have prior experience dressing looms and pattern reading, this class is perfect for you! Students will focus on the double weave technique, which allows you to weave two layers simultaneously, and exceed the weaving width of your loom, create pockets, etc. Depending on the complexity of the weaving project, students may need to come in for Open Studio time outside of class in order to leave with a finished piece.


Pre-requesite: Weaving 101 or equivalent sewing experience

Weaving 201 is offered in 4 - week and Weekend Intensives formats. Both feature 12 hours of skill-building class time, plus free Open Studio time to practice techniques outside of class.

Drafting 101


Drafting 101 is a class for weavers of all levels who are ready to delve further into the math and logic behind planning a weaving. Students will learn how to read weave drafts, practice drawing drafts, and leave with an understanding of how to create their own draft so that they can plan personal projects.    


Drafting 101 is offered as a 1 Day Class, and it will be best when combined with weaving practice and/or weaving classes.


Pre-requsite: Weaving 101, or equivalent weaving experience.