Woven Hairdos

One month ago, HonestlyWTF blogged about Thakoon woven hairdos and I haven’t stopped thinking about it. The images of the colorful knits woven in the hairdos just make me feel sorry for not being more creative with my own hair.

Thakoon, Fall 2011

(via HonestlyWTF)

Thakoon, Fall 2011

(via Vogue.com)

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They made me also remember the work of J.D. Okhai Ojeikere, introduced to me sometime ago by a friend. Ojeikere was born in Nigeria, in 1930, and his cousin taught him photography at young age. He started his career has a still photographer for the first Nigerian TV station and opened his own studio in 1975, in Lagos, Nigeria, where he still lives and works.

Unlike most African photographers of his generation, Ojeikere always tried to expand his work besides what his employers/costumers requested. One of his major research interests was mapping the cultural diversity of Nigeria. His most renowned work his the collection “Hair Styles”, which compiles more than 1000 photographs of African women hairstyles. This hairstyles, caught in the street, at weddings or at work, are authentic sculptural pieces, in which the medium happens to be hair. They’re are also expression of the ethnic multiplicity of Nigeria – where more than 200 people with different languages and traditions live.


“All these hairstyles are ephemeral. I want my phtographs to be noteworthy traces of them. I always wanted to record moments of beauty, moments of knowledge. “

J.D. Okhai Ojeikere

(all images courtesy of http://www.caacart.com)

Spring is coming. Let’s all commit to quit on our boring ponytails and buns, and get creative with our hair – and maybe apply some of our textile expertize to it! I’m thinking braiding and macrame and weaving..

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