~ woven dreams ~

Fellow textile enthusiasts, nothing gets me more excited than beautiful weavings. Browsing the internet is actually quite unfair, simply for the fact that it’s never as satisfying when you cannot touch those woven dreams. Because of this, I’m bringing you all some seriously enviable blankets and towels, in hopes of giving you that last push you need to get yourself into TAC and sign up to weave your own !!

All the way from The Netherlands, Raw Color is a company that makes all things beautiful. In 2012 they did an indexing color collection in the form of woven blankets and tea towels.

“The total collection consists of 3 different colour series. Each series follows the same process, from Monotone, through Duotone, to Multitone, with the first shade taking the lead and a new tone will be added in the following step. The ‘index’ is especially designed to translate the amount of colour within each surface, by the usage of squares representing 10% to 100%.”

(I know you want to touch them…) and here are the towels~


fall classes are open ~ head on over to our class calendar and weave your dreams true!

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