Working Circles: A Research Series

On behalf of Pascale Gatzen, we wanted to share with our readers and opportunity to take part in a great research project, totally free of charge, and full co-creation opportunities. Read below for more info, and if you’d like to join the initial meeting, come to 26 West 8th St, this Saturday March 16, at 6-9PM:

Work Circles is a research project exploring and putting into practice models for co-creation and co-production. Moving away from alienated forms of labor, we aim to work towards socially and economically sustainable forms of labor, production and exchange, nurturing our physical and emotional needs by engaging in activities that directly contribute to our own livelihoods and those of the people we care about.

This is an ongoing project that will take place on a monthly basis. We ask participants to commit to a series of 4 sessions at a time. This will give us the opportunity to actually prototype different models, reflecting on and advancing the insights of one series to inform the structure and core questions for the next 4 sessions.

 Our aim for the first series of 4 sessions is to explore collaborative creation. Drawing inspiration specifically from the rich tradition and social practice of quilting bees, we will construct a quilt using second-hand clothes contributed by collaborators. The quilt will be both a reflection of the collaborative research and a means to directly explore forms of exchange. The process, questions and ideas that emerge from the work will be documented in various ways. A presentation of the quilt and the research will follow its completion and mark the beginning of the next phase in the research trajectory of Work Circles.

The sessions will take place on the following days at the Manhattan location of the Textile Arts Center, 26 W 8th St. New York, NY.

Introductory meeting: March 16, time TBD

During the introductory meeting we will not only get acquainted with each other, but we will, as a group, decide on the framework for the sessions to follow. What will be the use/function of the quilt? On what is the use of the quilt dependent? How do we define use in relation to our individual lives and our shared lives in a consumer society? How do we activate the intersection of use and aesthetics? How do we as a group make decisions on both the use and aesthetic qualities of the quilt? What is the value of our labor? How do we define individual and collective ownership? These are a few of the questions we imagine for this first series.

 Making session 1: March 23, 11am – 5pm

 Making session 2: April 7, 11am – 5pm

 Reflective session: April 27, location and time TBD

 Making session 3: May 11, 5pm – 11pm

 Presentation: location and time TBD

 We joyfully invite you to join this series. We would love to have your energy, creative input and commitment and feel that we will all gain insight and inspiration from the shared experience.

Please RSVP to before March 15 to let us know if you are interested in participating in the first series of Work Circles.

If you have any questions or ideas please feel free to contact us.

We look forward to working together!

 Cathy Lebowitz, Pascale Gatzen and Ruby Hoette

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