Why you should learn machine knitting

A few months ago Jordana graciously offered to give me private machine knitting lessons.  I had always been curious, and was hooked from the first pass of the carriage.

Imagine? Make a sweater in a day? A scarf in under 3 hours? Yes, please. After a few lessons I was determined to get my own machine. Beyond the practicality of being able to knit quickly, the knitting machine is a piece of equipment that is fun to experiment with and one that not too many people have had much exposure to. During the holidays I was exposed to the many ways in which the machine can be used by Jordana.. a new world opened up!

Like weaving, the process is tedious, but this comes in when you’ve made a mistake or are doing quite advanced work. Unlike weaving, you get immediate satisfaction from beginning to end.

Here are some of my current favorite things that are machine knit. (Reason enough to want to learn!)

Primoeza Landscape Scarf (or any of her sweaters)

ALL Knitwear/Annie Larson

Hansel From Basel Tote Bag

Jewelry + Bunnies from Oak Knit Studio

Sat  2:30 – 5:30PM ,  February 4 – February 25
Class Details: Click Here
Brooklyn Location
Wed  6:30 – 9:30 PM,  February 29 – March 21
Class Details: Click Here
Brooklyn Location

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  1. that looks so fun! I love the smooching bunnies! ;)

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