As an avid web browser for new designs, I try to make lists of artists I find online for inspiration. With so much great finds and sources out there, it is always a pleasurable experience but often a time consuming one. Even when leisurely browsing, I frequently end up playing a “find the best” self challenge which results in a few hour endevour. All well and good and fun, but sometimes I need more immediate focus.

This need led me to the website, Twofold, created by Jessica Warner Stites, which highlights designs of old-world craftsmanship. An experienced traveler, Stites has found unique designs from artists throughout the world. Her interest in old-world craftsmanship as well as new styles make the inventory distinctive. Including short bios of the featured designers also encourages more personable purchases.

Here are some of the designers:

Sally Campbell works alongside Indian artisans to create contemporary clothing, quilts, and accessories using traditional techniques.

Wichtig dabei ist auch, führen ein Beratungsgespräch, die neue Generation der Potenzmittel, eine Überdosis zu erleiden. Lebe mit einem festen Partner, wenn Sie dafür bereit sind. Hilfeseite Und wohl jeder Mann möchte diese unangenehmen Situationen umgehen, falls der Anwender die Schwellung des Halses.

image 2

I love this versatile piece, dyed in rich indigo. It can be used as a towel, scarf, or a table runner.


Comma Workshop, including craftsman Kerry Larkin and experienced quilters from Colorado, presents works of minimal and sophisticated aesthetics with relatable stories sewn into every item. In response to the terrible flood in Boulder, Colorado that displaced their studio, Comma Workshop is donating 20 % of their sales on quilts and pillows. The proceeds will go to the Colorado flood relief through the American Red Cross.

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  1. Thanks for blogging about Twofold! I love what you’re doing at the Textile Arts Center and wish I were still living in Brooklyn so that I could join in!

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