Twofold Tokyo Tour & Indigo Dyeing Retreat!

Twofold, a company founded by Jessica Warner to explore textiles around the globe, has just announced a new small-group trip to Japan in spring of 2017. This is the company’s second Tokyo Tour & Indigo Retreat, which promises a rich, in-depth experience of Japan by exploring the country’s textiles, both old and new.


Starting in Tokyo, Jessica has arranged private, behind-the-scenes studio and showroom tours with contemporary textile designers, a highlight of which includes meeting Reiko Sudo, the head of NUNO, a company renowned for its innovative, forward-looking textile techniques (and currently featured in Scraps: Fashion, Textiles and Creative Reuse at Cooper Hewitt). In contrast, the tour also includes a visit to a century-old kimono dyeing workshop to see fabrics being dyed using traditional methods. Participants will also have the opportunity to be fitted for a custom yukata at the atelier of Hiroko Takahashi, a textile designer who is reinvigorating traditional Japanese garments with contemporary, geometric designs. These studio visits provide a unique opportunity to meet locals and explore neighborhoods that aren’t usually on the tourist map. Jessica has additional studio visits planned as well as guided walking tours, shopping for vintage textiles and contemporary design, and visits to museums and exhibitions.





After exploring Tokyo, the group will travel by train to a verdant village outside the city for an intensive indigo-dyeing retreat. While staying in a 150-year-old silk farming house surrounded by lush hills, participants will experience village life and learn the fundamentals of katazome and shibori. The group’s host, Bryan Whitehead, is a Canadian expatriate who has lived in Japan for over 25 years and is an expert in Japanese textiles who grows his own indigo and breeds silk worms. In addition to lessons in indigo dyeing, the group will enjoy other cultural experiences, including ikebana and tea ceremony lessons, visits to local potters and artisans, and the opportunity to participate in local Children’s Day festivities. A highlight of the retreat will be a day-trip to visit to the home and workshop of a seventh-generation katazome master.




This small-group tour and retreat is limited to 8 people. Sign up and mention Textile Arts Center, and you will receive a complimentary shibori scarf made in Kyoto! For more information please visit:



  1. I am sure that I would not be able to afford this trip but I would give my eye teeth to go!!!

    I may not be able to go because of my job, either, as there may be timing issues. Nonetheless, this trip sounds like a dream of a lifetime, so I am writing just in case there is a possibility that I could swing it.

    I am pretty much self-taught as far as Shibori goes. I have learned enough to run full-day workshops at my local museum but I am truly a novice. I love the traditional pole-wrapping technique but I also love exploring fold and clamp methods, and experimenting with various objects to create all sorts of patterns and effects.

    Please let me know the dates and costs, etc. Thank you very much!

    Miriam Jacobs

    • Caitlin

      Hi Miriam,

      It seems that TwoFold Textiles & Travel’s 2017 Retreat is sold out, however you can learn more about future trips on TwoFold’s website:

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