Traveling with Twofold: Mexico City & Oaxaca


Mexico is emerging as an exciting destination for design. A new generation of textile designers is tapping into the country’s rich history of craft-based skills to create textiles with a modern Mexican aesthetic. Twofold Travel, which organizes small-group tours exploring contemporary design and traditional crafts, has just announced a new tour to Mexico. Mexico City & Oaxaca / Designers & Artisans will take place 27 September – 8 October, 2018, and will introduce participants to Mexico’s contemporary design scene, with a focus on textiles.


The tour begins in Mexico City, this year’s World Design Capital, where Twofold has planned studio and showroom visits with designers who are dedicated to collaborating with Mexican artisans. These designers include Onora, BiYuu, Phigmento, Fabrica Social and Anundando, among others. Leaving Mexico City, the group will travel to the mountainous Mixteca region of western Oaxaca for a more off-the-beaten-track experience, visiting remote indigenous communities where people still make and wear distinctive traditional clothing. The tour ends in Oaxaca City, from where the group will explore the Central Valley area of Oaxaca. Highlights include a cochineal-dyeing workshop in the weaving village of Teotitlán del Valle; visiting the archeological site of Mitla to see where many weavers have drawn pattern inspiration; visiting innovative organizations, such as Innovando la Tradicion and Oaxifornia, which are dedicated to artisan collaboration; and a private tour of the Textile Museum of Oaxaca.


The tour will be led by Ana Paula Fuentes, a Mexico City native who was the founding director of the Textile Museum in Oaxaca. Ana Paula has worked with several artisan collectives during her career and is deeply immersed in the design and artisan scene in Mexico.


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