The Lace Princess

Lieve Jerger’s blood is laced in history, creation, and modernization of lace.  From the time that her mother taught Lieve how to hand-make lace to her current stay in San Pedro, California where she teaches L.A. based students how to make lace.

But what Lieve is really know for is her invention of copper lace: the same technique of making lace using thin copper wire as the thread.  The work is breathtaking.  You have all the delicate wonders of lace yet the effect of crafted jewelry.

She creates beautiful sculptures and windows carefully and methodically.  My favorites are her windows.  Beautiful and still, their presence changes with the dawn and dusk.

Look at the fascinating way she had to envision the spaces in the lace.  Most of the time artists are looking to fill spaces with more stuff, more noise.  Lieve uses the spaces to her advantage, they become the center of the focus rather than the afterthought.  With lace it is all about the space between, about being able to see through the piece as well as have the environment behind the piece to pierce through.  Almost as if the work is suspended in the environment. Amazing.

Her lifelike sculptures are something to behold.  Her hand creation looks almost life-like, you just want to shake it.  Or her delicate floating leaf.  Makes me look forward to the changing trees and the “crunch, crunch” when you take an Autumn walk in Central Park.

One of her  larger sculptures is the Quantum Lace Cube.  A second sun on the horizon.

An interesting fact about copper, it’s an antibacterial!  It instinctively kills potentially harmful pathogens.  Copper is able to disinfect itself every 8 hours. Thus having one of these beautiful sculptures around would benefit your health and your surrounding aesthetic.

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  1. I scrolled onto the photos, and a soft, involuntary sigh emerged, similar to the first secret sound made when seeing a sleeping newborn. I kept looking…and really love this work. Soft and hard, strong and fragile, beautiful

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